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  1. CYJSP2009

    Problem with leafasia

    This is Casey from Leaf Asia. First, thanks for Bigdan's kind help and Kinarfi's input. With regarding to the topic that James Funtjar issued, I want to say I feel sorry, this shipment goes in a way out of our image. For this shipment, I myself still feel confused. There are 3 versions of shipping status: DHL Website shows the parcel has been delivered and signed receipt ( Anyone can check on DHL official website with tracking number: 2833275944); According to DHL staff that James Funtjar found: The parcel is on the way returning from UPPS since it can not be delivered to the address James provided to me. It was sent back on Jan-11th and hasn't arrive Phonex USPS up till now. James mentioned in his email: the parcels has been lost by USPS. Isn't this confusing? Which of the above is the real fact? If according to DHL, when they were waiting for customer (James) to pick up the parcel, the shipment could be finished earlier. I am not trying to avoid any responsibility, i care our business reputation more than money. i want to provide good services to all customers no matter how big their order is. But i want to do this based on fair and reasonable reason. I just want to make clear the whole thing. I will take all responsibility that I should take. Again, I hope James can be calm down and work with me to verfy the shipment and work out a plan to solve the problem. As Kinarfi's suggestion, I collected emails between James and I for this shipment in attached EXCEL file. All emails are screen-copied. Any input or advice will be appreciated. i think all of us will learn from this issue. Thanks Casey Leaf Asia 2017-02-18 Problem with Leaf Asia related Emails .xlsx
  2. CYJSP2009

    rear diff.

    Hi Lowgear, This is Casey from Leaf Asia Co., Limited. We have both differential and Ring Gear Set for almost all Joyner models (except the 650 rear is not always available). Send me an email to [email protected] and I will quote you and arrange shipment if you order. Thanks and have a nice day Casey Leaf Asia 2016-12-28
  3. Rich, You forgot to mention that the defect was happened after you disasambled the differential and made some adjustment (Can we say defect is caused just by ring and pinion set only?) . You also forgot to mention the truth that even in this situation, we managed to arrange special production and send you replacement ring and pinion sets. And you also forgot to mention the fact that you yourself confirmed that those sets we sent you are working with no problem. I'd like to remind you that if we are not stand behind what we sell, how can you stand behind what you sell? ( Remember you said you are still looking for new vendor). And also, I'd like to remind you that since you are looking for new vendor, then new ring and pinion set from you must not be original parts for Joyner from Original manufacturer. Think about it. As I told you, I was not mean to compete with you.On contraly, I still welcome working with you if it is possible. Please kindly calm down and I hope you can realize that actions like what you did here is not good for your reputation.
  4. Rich, I think you misunderstood. I didn't mean to compete with any one. There is no doubt that you can be my customer and have your price level. There is no conflict at all. I just want to help as more 650 Commando user to fix their differential problem and at the same time help my partner ( the differential manufacturer, who ask me to collect demand in market) Let's work together to help more Joyner users. And I hope you do good business. Have a nice day Casey Leaf Asia 2016-07-21
  5. Dear 650 Commando users, Please kindly note that there will be producition on Joyner 650 Rear Differntial and it's Ring and pinion set at the end of this month. Anyone who is interested to get either the complete 650 Commando rear differential or the ring and pinion set please send your email to [email protected] We will close collecting the order demand at the last day of July. Production lead time will be about 40 days and then we will ship the parts you ordered to your door using DHL Express. As we know 650 rear differential and its parts are difficult to get now. Please take this chance when you can. Wish you all a good day Casey Leaf Asia 2016-07-20
  6. Hi Newbie, We can supply you Joyner differentials and even ring and pinion set for different joyner differentials. We will deliver the parts to your door using DHL. You can get the parts in about 7-8 days. Please send me an email to [email protected] and I will quote you. Thanks Best regards Casey Leaf Asia Co., Limited 216-5-26
  7. CYJSP2009

    final drive gears

    Hi Lowgear, This is Casey from Leaf Asia Co., Limited. We can supply the complete differentials, Ring and pinion sets and the shells for all Joyner models. My email address is [email protected] Let me know your email address, I will send you quoation for check. Thanks Have a nice day Casey Leaf Asia 2016-01-08
  8. CYJSP2009

    Looking for a transmision

    Hello, We can supply this transmission to you. Please send email to me at [email protected] I will quote to you. If price is ok for you, product will be delivered to your door in about one week after payment received. Best regards Casey Leaf Asia Co., Limited.
  9. Hi Flesh, This is Casey from leafasia.biz. The part number for this carb is 276Q-13000. We have this carb in stock. It Can be sent to you right away. Beside this, we have many other Joyner parts in US warehouse. [email protected] 2015-06-14
  10. CYJSP2009

    New used parts?

    Hi Carlie, I have the parts you need. Send me an email to [email protected], I will send you product photo and quotation. Thanks. Casey
  11. CYJSP2009

    250 Engine

    Anyone who need 250 Engine (172MM-C) can contact with me at [email protected]
  12. CYJSP2009

    Rear diff. For my 09 trooper T4

    Dear Guys, I can supply the original ring gear and pinion set. And I have many other Joyner spare parts inventory. [email protected]
  13. CYJSP2009

    Rear diff. For my 09 trooper T4

    Dear All, I can provide ring gear and pinion set for 650 front diff, 800, 1100 front and rear diff. Brand new ring gear and pinion set can be delivered to your door in about one week using DHL. If anybody is interested, you can send me email at [email protected] Beside the ring gear and pinion set, we have many other Joyner spare parts inventory stocked in US. Have a good day!
  14. Today is the last day of this team buy. Cost will be higher to buy this product saprately. But if there is demand, still can let me know. We will try our best to provide. Currently, we have below CV Axles in warehouse in CA. These are available immediately. D650. --- 650 Sand Spider Left Rear Axle; SV800. --- 800 Viper, SV1100 Left Drive Shaft; TR1100. Tr1100 Front Axle; MV800. --- MV800 800 viper Left Drive Shaft; D650. --- 50 Sand Spider Right Propeller Shaft S800. --- 800 R2/R4 FRONT PROPELLER SHAFT S800. ---800 R2,R4 REAR PROPELLERS SHAFT; DN250. --- DN250 AXLE SHAFT; N650. 800 MV 800 Viper RIGHT AXLE; TR1100. TR1100 REAR PROPELLER SHAFT; S650. 650 Commando C2, C4 Left Front Axle; S650. 650 Commando C2, C4 Right Front Axle; Any demand, please contact me at [email protected] Best wishes [email protected] 2015-02-28
  15. CYJSP2009


    Charlie, I may have the wheel hub and bearing you want. Send email to me at [email protected] I will give you photos to check and confirm. I also have brake parts. I can give you part numbers and photos of the parts for check and confirm.