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  1. Hi Bachelor54, Please advice where you ordered the cv axles and order ID if you have. Thanks. Casey 2021-08-02
  2. Dear All, All above mentioned Joyner CV axels, cages, cv boots are available for orders now. Beside the previous qty, I am arranging more CV boots. I will let you know the detail qty and available time later. Welcome to send email to me at [email protected] Thanks Have a great day Casey / Leaf Asia 2021-08-01
  3. Hi Excessable, For the 27 teeth and 22 teeth, please refer to attached photo.
  4. Hi Excessable, No, 800 Viper has different CV Axles. Rear Left: MV800. and Rear Right: N650. 27 Teeth and 22 Teeth are the spline teeth count as attached photo shows. Casey / Leaf Asia 2021-08-01
  5. Hi Bachelor51, I found rear left CV axle for JNSZ650DL is D650., rear right one is D650. I have both of these in stock. If you are interested to have the axle, write email to me at [email protected] Thanks Have a good day Casey/ Leaf Asia 202-08-01
  6. Hi Exessable, Sorry, I don't have manual for 650 Sand viper so I can not confirm whether the axle for 650 Sand Viper is same as the one for 650 Sand spider. Do you know the part number of your current CV axle? What I found from the drawing of D650. is : Total length: 635-671.5 mm, Outer spline is 27 teeth while inner spline is 22 teeth. Hope this can help. Casey 2021-07-28
  7. Hello Mixfixdave The 3 warehouses I mentioned are Amazon warehouses. So. I guess possibly you can not pick up the axles at the warehouse. Still, you can buy from Amazon directly. You may be able to get the parts in short time if you have high buyer level. But as I know Amazon provide fulfillment service for orders from seller. Would you please send me email ( [email protected]) and give me your detail address so that I can check the fulfillment service cost. If it is cheaper than FBA order, I will be able to give you discount. Hope this works. Have a good day
  8. Update information: UPS has collected the parts and delivering them to the warehouses. The CV axles will arrive warehouses in next week.
  9. Hello Everyone Brand new Joyner CV AXLES are waiting to be unloaded at LA port and then be sent to warehouses in Charleston, TN , BALTIMORE, MD and Groveport, OH. Estimate they will be available for shipments to end customers in about 2-3 weeks. These CV AXLES are ordered in February this year and now it is middle July. Very long time to get these parts. Qty for each model is not big. Detail as below: S/N Part No. Description Charleston, TN BALTIMORE, MD Groveport, OH Total
  10. Anyone who want JOYNER CV Joints. or CV AXLE please send email to [email protected] before NEXT MONDAY ( JAN-18 Chinese TIME) I will collect demand before this time and confirm to who send email whether I can arrange production. Thanks P.S. Also welcome checking availability of any other Joyner parts, 800 CC and 1100 CC Chery engine parts ( these does not has time limitation) Casey / Leaf Asia 2021-01-14
  11. Hi Jlee, Please send me email to [email protected] I will give you detail quotaiton. By the way, ring and pinion set is also available for now. Have a good day Casey
  12. Hi, JLee I can supply 650 rear differential parts. Please send me email to [email protected] Best regards Casey/ Leaf Asia
  13. Hi All, Brand new 650 Commando rear CV Axle is available now. Any one who is in need please contact [email protected] Thanks
  14. Hi All, Joyner 650 commando rear differentail and its parts are avaialbe now. Qty is limited. Any one who is in need please contact [email protected] Thanks
  15. Hi Gerald & Travis & Dan This is Casey from Leaf Asia. Thanks for Travis, the Amazon link you post is my inventory in Amazon FBA warehouse. Thanks, Dan for kind help on confirming. Hi Gerald, Please refer to the Amazon page for the shape of the shaft . Do you have manual for T2, if not, you can send email to me and I will send the manual to you for check. My emal is [email protected] Since the part is in US, Amazon currently can not send parts to Canada. if you need, I will arrange shipping from China to you. Let's discuss in Email. Thanks

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