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  1. Thanks for the pictures! They helped out. The hunt is on! Kenny
  2. Thanks mixfixdave!!! Is the ecu for the whole car? or just for the steering? We have 12 grandkids with #13 on the way. Gotta keep em busy. I' not familiar with new cars, AT ALL, they dont need a pump and rack? Thanks for the help! Kenny
  3. I have a 2004 R4 that has armstrong steering and I would like to add Power steering to it, if its not to difficult. Grand kids cant drive it, is that a good thing?, nah. Any help would be appreciated. Later, Kenny
  4. Hello guys, newb here. I own a 2004 Joyner Renegade R4 800cc and am wanting to add power steering to it and am wondering if the fix mentioned here would also work on my R4. Thanks in advance for any help. Kenny

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