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Adding power steering to an r4 questions

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I have a 2004 R4 that has armstrong steering and I would like to add Power steering to it, if its not to difficult. Grand kids cant drive it, is that a good thing?, nah.

Any help would be appreciated.




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It’s relatively simple…but I don’t know if I’d make it too comfy for the grandkids

You can use an electric column out of a 2009 Nissan Versa (or other cars COROLLA, Prius, Kia, cube, Yaris)…easy to find a remove in the junkyard, don’t even have to get under the car! Get the whole thing including the steering wheel and ECU (computer).
I had to weld on a piece of angle iron to get it mounted, but the steering shaft actually fit perfectly onto my 2009 T4 rack.
Connect + and - to the winch battery connections and the third wire to a switched 12v source, and you can turn that beast with one finger.
Cost me $125 and I have been wheeling the Tennessee rocks and mud for years on 30” tires without any issues!
I’ve got a post on here somewhere about it…Joyner trooper power steering.

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Thanks mixfixdave!!!  Is the ecu for the whole car? or just for the steering?

We have 12 grandkids with #13 on the way.  Gotta keep em busy.

I' not familiar with new cars, AT ALL, they dont need a pump and rack?

Thanks for the help!


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The ECU is just for the power steering…controls the electric motor/assist that is built into the column. Just follow the short wiring harness.
You keep your rack and maybe some of the original shaft (I did), the EPS just gives you some assist.
It’s also a great upgrade for an old muscle car because no hydraulics are necessary.

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