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  1. mixfixdave

    1100cc sand viper 2007

    Mine is an 09...
  2. mixfixdave

    1100cc sand viper 2007

    Here is a snapshot from trooper manual...page 58. And front fuses...
  3. mixfixdave

    1100cc sand viper 2007

    Electrical connections. Check the rear fuse area...mine has had several faulty electrical connections there. Fuel pump fuse is there also.
  4. Got the steering wheel up a little higher also.
  5. This setup works great on my T4...
  6. I had been wanting to install power steering on my T4 for years so I went to the salvage yard last weekend and bought a complete column (minus airbag) out of a 2009 Nissan Versa for $125 with the ECU. It was a fairly simple install. The long shaft that fits to the Joyner steering rack actually fit perfectly into the Nissan column. Had to weld up a U joint on the Nissan column to make it a straight shaft and fab up one simple bracket. Connect power and ground plus a switched 12v and now I can steer with one hand!
  7. Try Casey Ye... [email protected] I have ordered axle shafts and a few other parts from him for my 2009 T4. You have to pay with PayPal after you receive an invoice, but I have had no trouble. Also try Jounerusa...
  8. mixfixdave

    Silver Bullet Motorsports Legit or Not?

    Maybe that’ll motivate Rich to get Petethedog some parts in the mail!
  9. mixfixdave

    Silver Bullet Motorsports Legit or Not?

    And the guys at Joyner-USA.com are great... ‭(480) 882-9612‬.
  10. mixfixdave

    Silver Bullet Motorsports Legit or Not?

    Hey guys...thought I would mention that I have also ordered joyner parts from Casey Ye at leaf Asia... [email protected] Let him know the part number and you will get a price. If you want to order the parts, Casey will send an invoice and I have paid with PayPal without problem.
  11. mixfixdave

    Silver Bullet Motorsports Legit or Not?

    I’ve ordered 3 or 4 times over the past 4 years and always received my parts from Silverbullett...sometimes it is a drawn out process without much communication but they always arrive sooner or later.
  12. mixfixdave

    Joyner Trooper T2 Aftermarket Brakes

    I’ve had my 09 T4 for about 5 years and have not been able to find an aftermarket option for brake pads. Usually order from joynerusa or EBay. Check your wheel spindle bearings...if they are worn, it will cause brake problems (soft feel and uneven wear.) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I have bought the propeller shafts and other parts from Casey Ye... [email protected] Just email the part numbers you need. Another good source is http://joyner-usa.com/. They are always helpful...and Rich at Silverbullett has a lot of Joyner parts. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. If have the originals in my 2009 T4, but have ordered the "polyurethane" ones from silverbullet.com...twice...Silverbullett is just a bit difficult to deal with and its hard to get them to actually charge your credit card and send the parts.
  15. And another...got stuck that day, just me and my son, and he had an injured leg that he was trying to keep out of the water. Glad we had the farm jack and snatch block, that stock winch had to go.