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  1. More pics of the power steering setup...works great!
  2. I wouldn’t deal with SB...he is always a pain in the ass for some reason the few times that I have ordered parts from him and everyone on the forum that deals with SB reports problems receiving parts or just getting ripped off completely. I will post some better pics as soon as I can, but I can tell you that the Nissan Versa column was simple to remove in the junk yard and the only additional parts I needed for installation on the Joyner was a 6” piece of 1/2” angle and 18” of heavy wire to run for power from the winch 12VDC connections. Oh, and I did have to weld up a U joint that was part of the Nissan linkage, but it was easy!
  3. I’ve had pretty good luck with my 2009 T4. I bought it with 1300 miles about 6 years ago. I replaced the fuel filter and treated the electrical connections with some dielectric grease...Replaced the starter also at around 3500 miles. Had to reinforce the weak rear trailing arms and had to update the differential ring gear bolts, but it’s still running fine after 6000 miles. No engine or transmission problems. And it’s pretty simple to work on. Parts can be had from Casey Ye or Joynerusa.com. Oh, I’ve replaced the wheel bearings also. The Joyner Trooper has never left me stranded on the trail, in fact, I have rescued the razor guys with broken axles on more than one occasion!
  4. These should fit... Oil filter. Fram PH4967 Napa 1394 wix5194
  5. If it eventually starts and runs well, I don’t think it is injectors...
  6. Agreed...Casey Ye is the best!
  7. Rock on...the Joyner is awesome. Can’t tell you the times I have hauled one of the Polaris guys back to get their trailer because of a broken axle. My buddies call it the family truckster! Just took a short ride about town and along the railroad trail here in Tennessee...have tags on mine.
  8. Replace the fuel filter behind the gas tank. Mine was partially stopped up after 1000 miles, but the replacement has been good for the last 4000 miles...I got one at autozone that worked.
  9. I remember modifying that starter circuit on my Joyner years ago. Seems that the wiring from the key switch to the starter solenoid is not adequate to carry the current required to activate the solenoid, so I wired it to an external 12vdc relay that I placed near the starter. Next I ran wires from the battery which is close for the relay to supply voltage to starter solenoid.
  10. No start relay, just a 12v switched wire from the key switch to the starter solenoid small terminal. The solenoid (small round cylinder on the starter motor) is the starter relay.
  11. Should have 12v at this terminal when you engage the start position with the key.
  12. Pic of the original Joyner starter and the ID sticker from the new replacement starter that I ordered years ago.
  13. Had a loose wire to my starter solenoid once also. To test the starter, just short across the large terminals with a screwdriver. It’ll spark a bit, but if the starter is good, the engine will crank...use a old screwdriver.

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