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  1. Michael, Good to hear from you. Really sorry to hear about Lenny and Jeff. I send you a PM.
  2. I have a copy Lenny sent me back in 2010. Hopefully you can open it. Joyner Trooper Dif Kit FINAL DRAFT.doc
  3. At one point i was looking at adding a heater also. I thought of installing them in the storage area under the seats facing forward and cut openings for the hot air to blow forward towards our feet. I was looking at heaters simular to the one i placed a link for below. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Portable-300-Watt-Electric-Heater-Fan-UTV-Cab-RV-Camper-Auto-Car-Truck-12-Volt-/351521872874
  4. Kinarfi, Congrats on the new trooper. Good to see your sticking with them. Keep us posted on how it works out.
  5. Maybe im wrong but If you swap the plugs on the sensors would it not be doing the same as swaping the wires on the connectors?
  6. Your very welcome. Its great to see your post here.
  7. We need ideas on locations(so far j bender mentioned Parker) and dates.
  8. I missed that one. I did hear it was a great.
  9. We need to get one together. I know it may be too late for this year but we need a get together.Any thoughts???
  10. Lenny, I had a copy from the kits i purchased from you and i placed a copy of your instructions in the pinned folder " Technical Articles in this forum". Below is a link. http://www.utvboard.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=1385
  11. Instructions from Lenny's Diff upgrade kit. Since Lenny's not supplying kits any more, here's where you can order the bolt used in the kit, you'll need to machine them down a little, I use a drill and a grinder. Differential Bolts and shimming: Joyner Trooper Dif Kit FINAL DRAFT.doc
  12. Yes less prone but could be better.
  13. sorry for the quality, this is all i currently have.
  14. ricksrb

    trailing arm

    broken trailing arm on my T-4
  15. The new ones i installed are boxed in but with thin sheeting.

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