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  1. Thank you for your reply.As I said in my post I had the altinator checked by an altinator shop and they found nothing wrong with it. Late yesterday I pulled the battery out and replaced it. No flashing light and charging normal.I called my battery supplier and described the problem that I was having and asked if it was possible for a battery to cause such a problem. He said YES. He is going to bring his battery tester to my shop Monday and check it.Hopefully it is just something strange going on inside the battery because we have checked about everything else.
  2. I have a problem with the charging system on a 2007 commando. The panel indicator starts flashing at about 800 rpms and stops flashing around 3000 rpms. I have connected a battery meter to the battery and when the light is flashing the meter is showing around 16 volts .I suppose the indicator is trying to tell me that it is overcharging. At idle and above 3000 rpms the light goes off and the meter shows about 14.5 volts. I ordered and replaced the rectifier and it didn't help. I took the altinator off and had it tested and the results were that it was fine.I have tried running a ground wire fr
  3. I have a nice 2007 Commando with less than 150 mile on it for sale. Located in Johnson City Tn. Asking $4,200.00. Pictures on Craigs list. Thanks Ron
  4. I am from Ky. and currently in E. Tn.
  5. I finally found them. A white plastic box near the battery that is full of fuses.
  6. Can anyone tell me where the fuses are located on a 2007 commando? I can only locate 1 35 amp near the battery. Thanks Ron

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