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  1. BigTver


  2. Change the crankshaft position sensor. And look at the camshaft sprocket, there might cut off the pin on the shaft.
  3. I redid the levers under the ball from WV (FEBI 07855). Now there is no problem. https://yadi.sk/a/TKePymffEY90BQ
  4. My foreign colleagues! I won at the end! I integrated air into my buggy. Hooray!
  5. To be continued. - Assembly of the gearbox
  6. I put the EUR from Toyota Corolla 121 body, that is left-handed. got up like a native As for the installation of the EUR, I threw it into this album https://yadi.sk/a/wiRzoFLW3C57hi
  7. I have a problem in this video. Who here had the same? and how did you decide? I speak Russian, but I think your eyes understand 😉
  8. Hello. smoke this topic. https://forum.atvclub.ru/index.php?threads/17230/ here Russian mechanics finish this UTV to mind. I also redid a lot in this car. from the factory she goes raw.
  9. Health to all! My name is Andrey, I live in Russia, in the city of Tver. I am 54 years old. My hobbies are motorcycles, buggies, hunting and fishing. I like to work with technology. I have a buggy joyner trooper 1100cc 2011 release. Blogging https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQF7imCMN1W3OZGb1G5YJfQ/

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