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  2. is there an after market suspension ball joint than just the joyner brand? because these ball joints is extremely hard to find. Original Content From:
  3. Is there an aftermarket ball joint other than the joyner brand because parts is getting scarce to find. Oh its a 08 joyner trooper T2. Any part numbers would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Is the any other ball joint brands out there for the Troopers?
  5. thank you for replying i really appreciate it.... but it would be nice to know if there is a substitute ball joint for this thing . ive already been ripped off twice in the past 2 weeks trying to get ball joints from sites such as ebay sellers claiming to have them but they don't have, leaving me the time and stress getting my money back. i really dont have a wheel bearing problem was just trying to stock up on them. but i am in desperate need for ball joints. if you can help i would be in a debt of thanks to you... i know there is a substitute from another auto or utv out there just dont kn
  6. silverbullet, i just traded for an 08 trooper t2 the running gears seen to be in good shape. but unfortunately the ball joints & wheel bearings not so much. do you or anyone know of any good part numbers other than joyners #'s just dont seem to cut it at the local part stores. i came across another forum titled Parts, Pieces, and Information for our Troopers & Joyners. but no ball joint and bearing cross reference every joyner dealer i have found in the U.S. even dealers abroad tails me those parts is unavailable at this time. (due to covid 19) i really need some ball joints &am

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