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    2008 Trooper T2 Driver (some times passenger) Electronics, designed and built Electrical Power Steering Assist for Trooper, Made many other changes to Trooper too.
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  1. do you understand what happens to engage 4 wheel drive? have you had your front differential apart yet?
  2. here's a link so you can download a manual http://joyner-usa.com/manuals/ there are some other pieces of information in the pinned Parts, Pieces, and Information for our Troopers & Joyners thread
  3. do you have a manual?
  4. A little late but here's a copy of the switch from the manual
  5. search using the word transmission, I think I left some info and instructions in here some where, see if you can find it before I have to open up my stored files, ignore travis, he sticks his nose in where it don't belong and as he said he doesn't own a Joyner and knows nothing about them, but that doesn't stop him from wasting our time reading his dribble. Travis, shut the **** up!!!!
  6. Sorry, it's been quite a while since I traced a wire and don't remember it, so, NO, can't say where wires change colors. and my 15 is different from youur 09
  7. I pulled up a schematic to check this, but the power to drive all these devices is suspect and may be a blown fuse, capstan is you winch. don't let your wife know about your wench 1. a country lass or working girl: The milkmaid was a healthy wench. 2. Usually Facetious. a girl or young woman. 3. Archaic. a strumpet. verb (used without object) 4. to associate, especially habitually, with promiscuous women.
  8. if it just idles to slow to keep running, dial the idle up a little. these thing have an electronic idle that fail and then you have to adjust the idle mechanically, it the little screw on the top right of intake. My electronic worked great for a long time on both my vehicles, but alas, it failed on both. Jeff
  9. Tires & rims look good, but it makes the Trooper look shorter, sort of, what's with the extra shock on the swing arm? If you take a Dremel tool and cut all the way around glove compartment detent, then add some walls so the bottom is as far down as possible and a lid, it makes for a nice usable glove box. I'll get photo for you. Jeff PS read the pinned posts, Parts, Pieces, and Information for our Troopers & Joyners, it has the information about the lug pattern, 4x115, and a lot more valuable stuff and it was mostly written by 2008 Trooper owners, including me.
  10. I have one on my 2015, but only the factory built reader can read it, the early Troopers didn't have one, but if you need one and know how to hack into the system, you can get the information of the computer, the computer pin out is in Parts, Pieces, and Information for our Troopers & Joyners ........, it's pinned My tire is a General Grabber AT2 27x8.50 R14 95Q 6PR OWL http://ssl.delti.com.../GRABBERAT2.jpg I like it because I do a lot of pavement and it works off road as well any thing else.
  11. I would like to see a photo of what happened also and an explanation, description of what happened
  12. OOPs I see you already did, suggest you move to the joyner forum
  13. what happened, a big nasty rock?, or the brackets broke and it wore a hole in the bottom. I'm assuming the low point is where YOU have 2 fuel outlet ports and it's dented, real bad or very thin. Talk to Brandon at JoynerUSA.com, the only place to get a new one that I know of, or pull it and take to some who does aluminum welding, have new, better mounting brackets put on while you're at it.
  14. welcome, please fill out your info, who knows, maybe there's an avid trooper owner around the block from you. Jeff
  15. I was reading your post that you installed electric steering on your T2/08. Tell me about the install.

    1. Kinarfi




      I'll try to remember to take a photo of whats on my 2015 for you. It's a lot better mount than what I did on the 08, give them a call.