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  1. Kinarfi


  2. as in the previous post, you've made a simple error of double quoting, which make for poor reading and confusion, as the writer/poster, you can edit your own posts, as Moderator, I feel compelled to edit some of your posts, as long as I don't indulge myself in censorship, so if some of your posts get changed, that's why, but I will mark it as edited.
  3. question? How many people us the "Silverbullet" name to post with? If multiple, are some more computer literate than others and would they like to edit the posts made by "Silverbullet"?
  4. For the sake of us readers, is it possible for you (or Me) to edit / delete out the errors of posting made by SB in this thread, I don't think it could thought of as Censorship, just cleaning up the thread which has turned into a Mess and become unintelligible in places.
  5. WOW , Interesting, good, never dealt with SB, always went to joyner-usa.com or called them on the phone whenever I need parts and or advice. One thing I have always appreciated about this forum is an actual attempt to help each other figure the problems we have had with Troopers and other Joyner products, we solved a lot of problems back then and the need to hang together and share is still very valid! Jeff
  6. gee The wrench, you must have really shook him up😀 he hasn't made a post since 👍
  7. This is what I used; www.banggood.com/TDA7492P-50W50W-Wireless-Bluetooth-4_0-Audio-Receiver-Digital-Amplifier-Board-p-1003047.html?rmmds=myorder&cur_warehouse=CN TDA7492P 25W+25W Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Receiver Digital Amplifier Board Product ID: 1003047 Price: US$ 11.48 also look here for other choices www.banggood.com/search/bluetooth-amplifier-board.html I put one of these in and hooked speakers to it a listen to music from my phone, works good, but would do better if I got some better speakers. I added a multiconductor cable and put remote switched on the dash for power, volume up and down and move forward to next song. If you know what you're doing, it's easy and can use any speaker you want.
  8. If you're going to do that, take your photos and put them in google drive and share the folder so we can all see what you have. Jeff
  9. I had that problem and when camping one time I parked on a hill and it would start with out a problem if I just coasted down the hill and popped the clutch, and once the engine warmed up, no more problems! I've always wondered if the starter pulled the voltage down far enough to effect things. I put new rings on the pistons and never had the problem again.
  11. I've never had to deal with them, but I was going to ask if you have the manual or not, just for the drawing of how the are run. good luck to you, Jeff
  12. if you go with stock original bushing and your swing arms do not have grease zerks, add them, put them so they don't get sheared off at full travel.
  14. please take some photos of the bolt heads and how much machining you had to do for clearance.

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