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  2. I bought one from china, it was $400.00 plus about 400.00 in shipping. It was a 2014 model and has a better bearing setup on the lockup (cover) side but the locking setup is not as good as the as the old one. the gears are weak just like the old ones are if you load your buggy heavy you will break teeth off of the pinion and or ring gear. If you can get a newer year it should be better quality ( I hope ) Good luck.
  3. Thanks again Kinarfi I will add them when i get my parts for the rebuild. Thanks Chris
  4. Thanks Guys. I will call Silverbullet with a parts list. Thanks Again Chris
  5. Hello Guys and Girls. I need to replace all the bushings in my trailing arms and want to know what your using on the trails. Got a 2008 T2 that I bought used and it has been abused. Thanks In advance Chris

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