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  1. Nokie

    what to do with old Joyner ?

    Thanks for the reply. I called Disabled Veterans and they will come pick it up and I can write it off my taxes next year. Bad experience but that's just the way it goes sometimes. Thanks to all who tried to help !
  2. The rear gear box has a big hole in it were the drive line enters. The engine runs well and it has chrome wheels . what on earth should I do with it ? Any ideas would be appreciated !
  3. Nokie

    Where is the flasher on a 2008 Joyner Commando?

    Just joined this forum this evening. Very old photo, lol. I bought a 2006 Joyner 4by4 Commando from the widow of a good friend of mine . The speedometer goes crazy in both modes ? What is the fix for this other than a new speedometer ? Thank you in advance .