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  1. Definitely have the alternator checked. We have had one brand new alternator that was bad right out of the box within the last year.
  2. What we did when in a similar situation was the same as you ... we replaced all of those parts and still had the light coming on. After checking all the connections with a load tester (battery testing unit), my husband installed a volt meter and bypassed the light. He figured out that the sending unit on the light was defective. He said to start checking the system by removing the battery cable while the Joyner is running .... if it quits running, you know that you aren't getting juice from the alternator into the system.
  3. Thank you so much. My husband got the linkage put back together after we zoomed in on the parts page and printed it. I certainly appreciate your effors.
  4. Thank you for starting this thread! We have a 2008 Joyner Commando for sale. 4-speed standard transmission, 650cc engine. My husband recently replaced the clutch, and we put a new rear-end in it two winters ago. We picked up a 2016 Polaris at a farm sale a while back. We travel to some very remote areas and wanted a more dependable vehicle, so we don't get stranded. We are asking $5,000 for the Commando, but we will consider all offers. The machine is in Burns, Oregon.
  5. Did you get your Joyner going? Ours is torn apart and we cannot figure out how to get the shift cables reattached. Can anyone out there send us a picture of how the cables are attached at the transmission end? Thank you.
  6. Thank you. Our flashers work just like new now .. once we replaced this flasher!
  7. The turn signals on our 2008 Commando are not working. We bought a new flasher from Joyner ... but, we cannot find the old one so we can replace it. The new part number is JSG142. Could you help please?

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