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  1. I finally got back to this and the alternator was fine, regulator fine and battery fine. So Kenfain you were right about the cables. But it wasn't the actual wires. It was actually the connector were the pigtail comes off of the alternator was not making a good connection. My home remedy of aluminum foil solved the problem. Now I am looking for a replacement shifter and cables that don't break the bank.
  2. I think I got the alternator for less than $40 at NAPA. If it is shit I will bring it back to them. I think the guy will take care of me even though it has been 6 months.
  3. I didn't throw away the old regulator so I plugged that back in and got no battery light on the dash but also not charging the battery. When i plugged the new regulator in I got the red light but still not getting charged. So I say that is working. Cables have a the nice cable covering over them and would hate to take that off at this point. I will check the continuity off the wires from the alternator. I wonder if the old regulator toasted my new alternator?? May pull that off and take it in to Autozone to have them test it. Thanks
  4. Mostly woods in the machines future. Now onto figuring out what is wrong with the charging system. Another fun weekend. Thanks
  5. Hello, I have changed the battery , alternator and the regulator. I have the red battery light on indicating it is not charging. Is there something else that could be the problem to my battery not charging?? Thanks Bill
  6. Well I have power to the switch and down to the actuator. I went to take out the actuator unit and when I took out the screw through the firewall it backed out but was against the wall so i couldn't move it to remove it.(up against the firewall). But as I was looking at it, I must have brushed up and turned the tire which turned the other tire. The pin must have come out allowing the 4wd. which I am happy with. I put the two screws back in and then lost the 4wd. I backed off the screw coming through the firewall and must be enough to allow it to go back in 4wd. I gue
  7. From other posts I have seen sounds like there should be power to the actuator when the switch is in the 2wd position and no power in the 4wd position. Is this correct? Default position should be 4wd? If I do take off the actuator to look at it closer is there parts going to go flying (springs ect)? Would you suggest takling the hood off to be able to see from above? Hood is on now and I would try working on it from the wheel well. Will I need anything new like gaskets to be able to re-install? Thanks Bill
  8. Ok thanks for your response. If I can get to 4wd I'll be happy
  9. Hey there, What process did you go through to figure out you needed a new part? I have a 2006 650 Commando and 4wd is not engaging. I pushed the button on the dash. That is the extent of my checking out what the problem is so far. I realized the 4wd wasn't working when I went to move the machine and got stuck in a little bit of snow and the front wheels were not moving. I am still re-habing the machine and this would be the next on the list. Thanks for any info.
  10. Yes, I got my machine running without a transmission issue, have all gears now. Gears had been moved manually so I had to figure out how to get them back in sync with the actual shifting lever. I don't have any pictures of the linkage right now. Maybe this weekend I will have time to take a couple for you. Bill
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  12. I recently got a 2006 Joyner 650cc Commando. It was not running when i got it. I put a new fuel pump and alternator and is up and running. My problem is when I originally got it started it seemed I didn't have 1st gear. I was able to get it moving from 2nd and was sure I got it into 3rd. In my process of diagnosing the first gear issue and I realize I have first gear because it is where I thought 3rd gear was. But now I don't seem to have 3rd or 4th gear. The shifter itself seems sloppy and needs a little rehab if that is possible. Replacement available? Cables are wo

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