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2008 commando actuator removal

Tn. Renegade Rider

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  • 5 years later...

Hey there,

What process did you go through to figure out you needed a new part?

I have a 2006 650 Commando and 4wd is not engaging. I pushed the button on the dash. That is the extent of my checking out what the problem is so far.

I realized the 4wd wasn't working when I went to move the machine and got stuck in a little bit of snow and the front wheels were not moving. 

I am still re-habing the machine and this would be the next on the list.

Thanks for any info.



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From other posts I have seen sounds like there should be power to the actuator when the switch is in the 2wd position and no power in the 4wd position.  Is this correct?

Default position should be 4wd?

If I do take off the actuator to look at it closer is there parts going to go flying (springs ect)?  Would you suggest takling the hood off to be able to see from above?

Hood is on now and I would try working on it from the wheel well.

Will I need anything new like gaskets to be able to re-install?



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Well I have power to the switch and down to the actuator.

I went to take out the actuator unit and when I took out the screw through the firewall it backed out but was against the wall so i couldn't move it to remove it.(up against the firewall).

But as I was looking at it,  I must have brushed up and turned the tire which turned the other tire.

The pin must have come out allowing the 4wd. which I am happy with.

I put the two screws back in and then lost the 4wd.  I backed off the screw coming through the firewall and must be enough to allow it to go back in 4wd.

I guess the short story is the actuator is toast but I can go in and out of 4wd by turning the screw.

Anyone with more thoughts on this subject?






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