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Rear differential lock won't turn off

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Go to the front diff.  2 connectors......Key Off......pull both connectors......Key ON....light go out or stay on?  Goes out, the front diff switch encoder is in 4WD position.  Light stays on, chase a ground in the harness.

You need to determine what selection position the front diff RACK slide gear selector in in.......You might possibly be in 4WD all the time.  Problems seen were a corn stalk tearing the harness, trash in the switch encoder, busted nubbin o. the rack, Critter eating the wires (insulation).  You just have to look see.  Info is to help guide in the search for the reason.

Raise ALL 4 wheels off the ground on jack stands. N for shift lever position/2WD for diff lock buttons/lever. 

Turn rear wheels one side at a time....turn together but nothing on the fronts.

Repeat on the front wheels for the 2WD position.......fronts turn freely.

3 and 4WD positions.....each front will lock to rear AND with the 4WD locking the fronts together along with the rear.

Go underneath Key ON but Motor not running and listen (at the front diff) for the little gear motor's short running time to change for the 2,3,4 selected.

If the rack and pinion RACK NUBBIN is busted....it gets tricky to replace and resync the rack position and motor stopped positions.  Remove the plastic gear changer housing and look at the rack that slides back and forth (L-Middle-R-) and selects 2,3,4WD functions.  Slide the rack with a finger and have someone turn the front wheels to determine if working.  Reassy......Easiest to "sorta center the rack position" in the diff.  Actually, slightly off center is what you want but I forgot which side to move it about a tooth distance  R or L to work the best.  Diff oil and O-ring to seal on the housing nose normal care in reassy.



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