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  1. Its been so long ago that I can't remember exactly how I diagnosed that it was the actuator. I think that I just looked at everything else and it all looked good. But when I took the actuator off it was corroded and looked terrible.
  2. It's fixed! It wouldn't even start with the new fuel pump so I reinstalled the old fuel pump. It started [ with the old pump reinstalled ] but still had the same problems as before. I continued looking for a problem and found a burnt 10 amp fuse. Replaced the fuse with a 20 amp [ the only one that I had handy]. It started again but still had the same problem of not running long or smoothly. I then installed the new fuel pump again, and it ran great! So in conclusion : It looks like it was a two part problem and solution. New fuel pump and replace a burnt fuse.
  3. Installed the new fuel pump yesterday. Made the problem worse. With the new fuel pump it will only idle for about 10 seconds and then dies. It dies if you give it any throttle. This is the one that I bought
  4. Thanks guys for the info. It gives me some confidence that what I am doing is on the right path. Never heard of the Berrymans, but I will definitely get some and use it when needed.
  5. Added the seafoam concentrated fuel injector cleaner to the gas today. Mixed it at about 3 times the strength as recommended on the bottle. Started it up and let it run between an idle and 3500 rpm. {Had it in neutral just sitting still.} Ran for 12 minutes before it started to sputter and run rough, but did not die. Continued running it for a total of 30 minutes. During that 30 minutes it would sometimes die, but would start right back up after turning the key off and back on to let the fuel pump engage for the new start. This is an improvement from the way that it had been
  6. It is fuel injected. Today I am going to try to run a good amount of fuel injector cleaner thru it while it is running. If I can start seeing even a little difference in its running, at least that will tell me where the problem is. I called every atv dealer in a 75 mile radius this week, and none of them were even willing to take a look at it because it is a Joyner. So therefore I guess I am stuck trying to figure this out on my own. I even offered the Polaris dealer service department double his normal labor rate to work on it. His reply was that he just wasn't comfortable work
  7. Thank you for the input. I was hoping with such little mileage that it would be something fuel related that I could fix myself. By what you guys are saying, it sounds like it is going to be beyond my skill level to address. Hate to see it sit at the local mechanics shop for weeks, but looks like that may be my only option.
  8. Bought new in 2014 Renegade 1100. Life got in the way and only put 80 miles on it up till now. During that 5 year time the fuel would go bad and I would drain the tank and refill. Always used 100% gas [never ethanol]. It is garage kept and never spent a night outside. Now that I have time to use it, I am having issues. It will start and run fine for about 10 minutes, and then it will start to miss and then eventually die. After letting it sit for about 30 minutes is will start back up, and start doing the same thing again. I have put new plugs in it and have replaced the fu
  9. I bought my renegade 1100 new in 2014. Paid 10k for it. Use it exactly as you described. I love it. Does everything that I want it to do on the property. I don't have any chores on the property that this machine has failed. Love my Renegade and would purchase again!
  10. I had a 2008 650 commando and upgraded to the 2014 1100 renegade and love it. Lots of power and the locking differentials are GREAT. Ignore the China thing, they are reliable machines.
  11. They are very quiet, ...my neighbors have even commented on how much they like the sound of it , compared to my old one .
  12. I bought one of the new 2014 R2 1100 a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday was the first chance that I have had to test it out, and it performed great! Ran it in an area called Windrock here in East Tennessee,which consists of old mountainous logging roads. Since it is new, I kept it in the moderate difficulty stuff, and was impressed with the performance all day long. Machine ate up every hill climb, mud rut, rocky climb that we came across. The 1100 has so much power that I don't think I ever had it full throttle during the days ride. It was just the first day so I'll have plenty of years

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