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  1. After a heavy rain storm there was a little condensation in the temperature gauge. There was a small bulge on the side wall of the spare tire. They sent me a new tire and rim and a new temperature gauge, next day Fed Ex. Gary
  2. I went down to Phoenix and picked up a new Joyner Renegade R4 a week ago Sunday. I can not say enough good about how I was treated. I hate driving in Phoenix and I am 4 1/2 hours from Phoenix. I called and spoke to Brandon the sales manager and asked if there was any way I could pick the buggy up on Sunday. He said no problem, he had one of his employees meet me there on Sunday. This way the traffic was no where near as bad as during the week days, although the heat was bad. I am used to highs in the upper 70's and lower 80's here in the Gila Mountains and it was 100 degrees there, so I was sw
  3. I bit the bullet today and called Brandon down in Phoenix and ordered a Renegade R4. Mucho Gracias for all the help. All the comments on the Joyner's were positive and I am looking forward to getting it. Thanks, Gary
  4. Thanks. I could not open the pictures you attached. Could you email me at [email protected] That is a q as in queen, not a g. A lot of people mix them up. Thanks, Gary
  5. I am looking for information on the 1100 Joyner Renegade. I am thinking about buying one and was wondering if anyone has any experience with them and their opinions. It sounds like a real decent machine but being made in China has me a little concerned. Thanks, Gary

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