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  1. My 2014 1100 sounds like a Vespa - I think it is the 2 catalytic converters...any idea on how to get rid of them and make this sound a bit mean!! Rik
  2. I have a 40" LED light bar that will singe the tops off the Sage brush at a mile. When I am riding on the road I would like to use the stock light bar with a bit more light. The LED could make an oncoming car crash
  3. The light bar on my Viper had 55w H3 bulbs that are pretty anemic as far as light goes. Has anyone instaalled 100w H3's - was there a lot more light - how did the wiring hold up Thanks
  4. The Sand Viper does not havce any fiberglass - all sheet metal. Sounds like it is coming from the engine area Thanks
  5. When I reach higher RPM I get a horrible tinny vibration - sounds like sheet metal. I have been all over this buggy and cant find it. Anyone else have this Thanks

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