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  1. plumber


  2. I have the cams from Silver Bullet. I really like them a good upgrade.
  3. GMANLV Yes you can used them on front and rear.
  4. dwaynebradley377 I will have to get back with you tomorrow it's not giving me the rate on line. I will call them tomorrow and get back with you.
  5. I sold and old block that needed rebuild for 250.00. It would be hard to rebuild one for this price counting your parts, machine work and your time.
  6. Sorry Rich Don't get on here much. I call you tomorrow.
  7. Did you ever find one? I have a brand new one the only thing wrong with it is the vent tube broke off in it. Use a easy out run tap through it. What are they going for?
  8. Hello rkstonerock, I would say no the locker on the trooper will not work on the sand viper. There is no were to hook up the cable to your rear diff.
  9. I have the cams in mine. If you do the cams you would need one or it would run lean. I can't say enough good things about the cams. BUT take your head off and send it to silver bullet. I think know you don't have to take your head off.
  10. As some of you know I used to sell parts but I don't no more. This man here his name is Victor he works for ev diesels in China. Very Good and Honest man I put money straight in he's account and never had a problem with him. They have other ways to pay like alibaba it's just like Ebay. They are also on ebay the lady doing it on e bay name is Elizabeth very nice lady. He is Victory e-mail address any thing like engines, transmission and parts. Tell them David sent you they will take care of you. Victor <<script data-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript">/* */</script>> W
  11. That's right but nocturnalsixer put joyner renegade diffs on he's trooper front & rear
  12. I have had the cams and the fuel controller for awhile now. I don't fly down the trail But I like climbing hills that's what's around here. And they made a big different in torque when I start up the hill you just can feel it when you step on the gas you just can feel the tires spinning and up I go. One of the things I did for my trooper. Just my 2cents

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