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This is the most advanced Supercharger for Chery Engines.This is a modulator system for all Chery Engines.

We are going to dyno it in a few weeks.This is the third one we have made changers to.They all worked well but want to build the best performing one.Each one has inproved torque on the low end.Different runners and shape of the manifolds.Coming soon no turbo lag.Just touch the pedal and you are gone.Inter cooler is built in.

Any questions just send your question to my email.928 344 2117 [email protected]

This system will fit Joyner,Renli,Sand Reeper and any other Chery based power train.

Thanks Rich



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I have seen turbo charger kits on the websites.I see pipes hoses exhaust system.But never have seen a dyno sheet.I mean never over all the years we have built performance parts.I tried to build one and it was just two twitchy.Turbo lag is just the most aggravating thing that i decided never to build one to sell.Our supercharger has none of these problems.The all you get is instant power from start to finish.We have them for all Joyner's,Models including Renli,Sand Reeper and any other buggy that uses the Chery engines.

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3 hours ago, dwaynebradley377 said:

Believe it's actually a fuel problem I can get to run great at full throttle just rich at accel,I am using o2 wide band to monitor ratios.
Should have bought turbo kit from a reputable dealer think is my problem

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Did you have a problem from the beginning or is it something that just happen.Let me know did you install the kit or was it installed buy some one else what is the fuel pressure your running an did you put bigger injectors.


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I bought xy groundpounder new and same with klung turbokit 

Came with an emanage blue ecu that never worked and of course no warranty. 

Ended up getting Dobeck to make me a EJK module  with custom tune,using a diode to bleed off extra voltage on map sensor so won't see boost and bypassing factory o2 sensor with a simulator . Kept factory injectors 

It does haul ass now  but runs rich when first start to accel for a second or 2 ,

Verified with my wide band 

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