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  1. silverbullet. please send picture of all parts.Try to give me picture of cylinder walls,transmission ,rear differential. Send to [email protected] Thanks Rich
  2. Silverbullet We carry the body to trailing arm bushings.These fit tight like there suppose to Joyner are sloppy fit.We give you a 10 % discount for members (928 344 2117 [email protected] silverbulletmotorsports.net
  3. Silverbullet Yes we do have the UNMW bushing Call me 928 344 2117 silverbulletmotorsporta.net [email protected] Hours 9 to 4.00 PM
  4. Silverbullet Its mounted to the battery box .Its 2 x 4 "long.Some times owner just let it lay on the floor.Be vary careful with the wiring It has a lot of plugs down there. Rich
  5. silverbullet It looks real good.Is it vary quit. rich
  6. silverbullet That looks great do you bend pipes an fabrication the manifold.Good job.The 2 pipes i think is to keep the heat down inside? Thanks Rich
  7. Silverbullet Yes leave it off.You will not need it.Just get a car muffler will be Quite Vary Quite! Rich
  8. silverbullet What we have done is use a motorcycle muffle you will have to go to parts store and buy a 90 degree bend and ad a car or motorcycle muffler car right behind engine.Left to right behind engine.You should make a heat shield so no body gets brunt.You can get it as quit as you wan't.You can get a motor cycle muffler used on eBay car muffler will be quieter.This is for Trooper.But works good on any UTV Good luck Rich
  9. silverbullet. Please call me i might have some info.928 344 2117 Thanks Rich
  10. silverbullet. We can get the 4 speed transmission.We need to get from China cost is 1295.00+shipping. [email protected] Thanks Rich
  11. silverbulet The one i have the pump is mounted on top buy valve cover. Rich
  12. silverbullet I have a trooper hear with hydraulic power steering i will see what info.i can find on it.I do not see a brand name on it.Do you have labels on any parts.Please send picture of your parts. Thanks Rich
  13. silverbullet The price is 169.00 Thanks Rich
  14. silverbullet We upgrade all the Joyner rear differential.The Commando is the only one we can uses the 12.9 nuts on the ring & pinion.We have space to use nuts that help the ring gear bolts from vibrating loose.We use 12.9 hardware on all Renegade and Troopers we use a special locktite used on Porsche engine for this vibration problem.There is no room to use nuts.We have tried to get a special nut but we could not find anything to fit. Rich
  15. Silverbullet Yes joyner did do up grade on some 2009 and up.The only difference is they did not use 12.9 bolts and nuts.They did not set up backlash.Instead they use locking taps.If you take differential fill plug out and get light you can see the bolts with locking tabs.If it has these then it is a chinese upgrade.We sell more differential than any other company in usa including joyner USA.When we get them we take them apart.We see things that are not correct on some.They still use the 10.9 hardware with no nuts some times the back lash is incorrect and the pin is not welded.We do everything we can to insure the unit is set up right.We tig the pin set back lash install the 12.9 hardware.If you want jack up rear put jack stands and take it out of gear and release emergency brake and then grab driveshaft and try to turn it back and forth slowly.If the shaft turns and wheel don't you have to upgrade it.It should have less than 1/4 to 3/8 of play back and forth and has 1/2 of play or more than call me 928 344 2117 or [email protected]
  16. silverbullet I have heard that before but another customer said that only some of the parts were the same.I think that the bellhousing was the same.All china parts are parts from a few different models so no conflict with copyright.With out knowing for sure if information is correct.And seeing the picture you sent i am even less sure that is true.Maybe the truck makes the difference on the trans.Good luck! Rich
  17. silverbullet. I have no experience with that buggy transmission.I am sorry i have never seen one in person.Sorry Thanks Rich
  18. silverbullet Do you have hydraulic power steering.That is rair option to have let me know if you do.I do not see any pictures from you.I know that this internet thing can be problem. Thanks Rich
  19. Silverbullet We are still looking for this pump and steering rack that attaches to volume.Have some # but have not found anybody in china or the us.It will take a little while. Thanks Rich
  20. silverbullet I do not have any parts used.I have question do you have picture of powersteering pump or column controler.I might have some alt. in next shipment.2 weeks Thanks Rich
  21. silverbullet You have to take it apart.And see what is wrong with it.If you drain the fluid see if you have metal in the fluid. Rich
  22. silverbullet I have some thing a am working on.Send email to [email protected] will send you some pictures. Thanks Rich
  23. silverbullet Hi you need to pull it out and take it apart.You will see the Ring and pinion is damage probable the case.You can't tell till you get inside.Let me know we have Lenny upgrade when we get new ones we take them apart.And upgrade them with new hardware 12.9 shims set backlash and tig weld the pin. We do a few other things we have learned from doing so many upgrades.If you need parts let me know i spoke to you today. Thanks Rich
  24. silverbullet. I have 2 ideas.First i would check compression.Even if it runs good.2 i would check spark plugs wires.Just get a spray bottle and spray the ignition wires.Just see if it runs good or starts to misfire if not pull the boot off spark plugs just a little till you get to the boots and spray and see if it misfires.I tell everybody to check compression.Its a good thing to know.If good that's great 6 times each time with gauge.We rebuild a lot of engines.We have 5 outside for rebuild.2 troopers 1 orian 2 renli 1100 cc autozone loans compression gauge out free.They come from all around about 5 differents states.Must want a big bore and customs cams.Plus many other things. We lighten flywheel we lighten crank and knife journals and we make the rods i beam them and shot pine them to make them much stronger.Port and polish head and a few other things.Bore cylinder .070 and put hi low or stock compression forged pistons with total seal rings. Thanks rich
  25. silverbullet We us green 50/50 mix.So no minerals in the water.If you live up north 20- than see what you need,Any good brand. Rich