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  1. KTMspeedFreak

    Anyone know where I can have my Cam re-ground?

    So dealing with machine shops in FL can be a PITA, they all said pretty much same thing. Bring the cam in and we’ll look at it but I don’t know we do anything like that. The problem is non of them would let me speak to anyone with knowledge by phone, they all say “bring it by and maybe you can speak with a machinist”. One of the major shops in the state of FL I spoke to didn’t even know why a camshaft would get ground, he kept asking me why would you want us to grind it again? I was not about to drive 2 hours to any shop that couldn’t #1 figure out why someone would grind a cam and #2 refuse to give me even a ballpark price for said service. Long story short, I gave up on locals Duane and Cletus and just sent the cam off to Joe at America Custom Cam in CA. I am looking for someone to make some headers for it, local guy quoted me $600 for headers... As a side note the things I’m also doing to the engine is Port and Polish (by yours truly) increased compression and performace valve job, opening up the exhaust. Once complete I’ll let y’all know how it turns out, wish i coulda gotten before and after dyno done, oh well it’s just fun project.
  2. KTMspeedFreak

    Anyone know where I can have my Cam re-ground?

    Yea my local machine shops won’t touch the cam for whatever reason
  3. I have a SOHC in my 800cc buggy, i’m looking to do some performace mods like head valves ect. I’m just having a hard time finding a place that can re grind my cam locally. I don’t mind shipping it but just need some recommendations thanks
  4. KTMspeedFreak

    Engine Swap Thread

    Hey Everyone, I’ve created a few other threads and a bit disappointed at the limited responses the forums seem to get. So rather than asking about an engine swap i’d like to share some information with others here in an effort to generate some discussion! So i’ve done much research on engine swaps for my 800cc buggy, and my ideal swap would be a suzuki swift gti engine, however they seem to be rare and very expensive if you can ever locate one. The only ones i’ve seen are going for $3500+ which is completely rediculaous becuase the purpose of an engine swap should be to get an inexpensive engine that parts are available for, the suzuki swift is neither. So in my research, i’m specifically looking for a naturally aspirated lightweight aluminum engine that produces “acceptable” power. Far as I can tell such a thing rarely exists in the US, which is probably why the G13b engines are so redicualously overpriced. What I have found, and present to you is a Mitsubishi Mirage 1.2L It’s an all aluminium, lightweight 3 cylinder NA engine that’s producing 74HP and 74ft lbs torque. Not crazy power numbers I know, BUT for an NA 170lb readily available, AND cheap engine those are not bad in its stock form. Certainly those of you looking to get a little crazier than I can drop a turbo in and up those base numbers. Far as I can tell in my research No one has done this engine swap to date, so I suppose I will have to go fist... I am not quite ready to take on a project of this magnitude but will likely make this my winter/spring project and hope to have it completed by early/late spring next year. I will of course document the install and process once it gets under way. In the meantime please feel free to use this thread to discuss other possible engine swap projects or ideas for such! I love me some buggy action and can’t wait to get this swap underway.
  5. So i’ve been looking into various options with going forced induction or a new chery etc but having a carb setup it’s kinda tricky for me... Not to mention the cost of prob 2.5k minimum. So ive been looking for car engines that would be the right cost, availability , size power etc. I found some great cheap options from Misubishi and Chevy, the 1.2L mirage and spark engines respectively but they are both efi. Question 1 how much more difficult will it be to switch over to EFI from my carb setup? Question 2 what are some common problem areas I may encounter? both engines should fit and i’m sure i’ll have to weld up some custom engine mounts. What about a diff and cv joints? anything else I may not be considering with a swap of this magnitude?
  6. I’ve decided rather than forced induction i’ll skim the head, larger valves, port polish etc. can anyone recommend a performace guy/company to do this? thx
  7. I have a Roketa 800cc dune buggy i’m looking to supercharge. I saw a video with an RJS charger setup but it appears they are no longer in business. Who is making centrifugal chargers for small engine buggy’s/utvs ? I’m posting in general since any supercharger that works on an utv/SxS would likely work on a buggy...
  8. KTMspeedFreak

    Long Clutch Cable needed...?

    Great thanks. How much and how do I reach you to order? called several times and emailed...
  9. KTMspeedFreak

    Long Clutch Cable needed...?

    Hey Rich, that was me who just tried to call but we got disconnected. Let me know thx!
  10. KTMspeedFreak

    Long Clutch Cable needed...?

    I need a long clutch cable like (7-8ft) for my 800cc buggy and cannot find one anywhere. Does anyone have thoughts on where such an item could be found? Automotive cables are too short...
  11. KTMspeedFreak

    Do sand vipers have differential or live axles?

    Thanks for info. But going back to the OP does eveyones buggies have a diffs or not?
  12. KTMspeedFreak

    Do sand vipers have differential or live axles?

    Looks just like sand viper 800, mines also 800cc F8B engine 2wd
  13. Does your buggy have a diff or no diff? Haven’t run mine yet but it has no diff and i’m wondering if that’s a good thing or if it’s going to be a major pita taking corners and turns??
  14. So I have an unbranded chinese buggy with a suzuki f8b clone (800cc 3 cylinder). It’s pretty gutless (35hp) on a 1300 lb buggy so i’m thinking about a turbo or engine swap. I don’t have a lot of money in it so i’d rather not drop a bunch in an engine swap. How difficult would it be to drop a turbo on these 800cc 3 cylinders anyone recommend one for this engine?
  15. So I just spent 10 hours working on the brakes for my new mystery buggy, and still can’t get pressure. Never in my life have I had such a difficult time trying to bleed a brake system and i’m a fairly competent mechanic. I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to try new master cylinders becuase these simply are not working... anyone have any tips for bleeding these wretches?