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    Building the best Joyner i can.Trail riding & developing new parts including performance parts.We at silverbulletmotorsports.net love what we do.We have direct Connections in China Chery Corporation and many more
    DEALER PROGRAM OFFERED.Largest Chery Parts Dealer In The US.

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  1. Silverbullet/ Sorry we are making a new website so if you need can call me 928 246 6819.We are still making engines. cylinder heads.stock and performance part thank you
  2. silverbullet the more i look .You should replace u joints.If you wait and ujoint braks you can damage the oil pan or the engine.
  3. silverbullet looks good i would have replace u joints .They go bad all the time.If you need part# rich
  4. silverbullet We have some coming in from china. For trooper differential we take them apart and doing the Lenny up grade.Making them better.We have had good luck.all of them 650 commando are gone.I am having a hard time finding new ones.Call me if you need.Help Thanks Rich 928 246 6819
  5. It looks like i am the only dealer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! given tech help. to all your members tech help is 928 344 2118 928 246 6819 you will need to call me 928 246819
  6. silverbullet We have 5 coming in from china. Trooper differential we take them apart and doing the Lenny up grade.Making them better.We have had good luck on. Thanks Rich
  7. Call the dealer you bough it from.They should know.
  8. silverbullets We carry the best parts in the would. We do Hi Performance parts+ all the stock parts. Thank You
  9. Silverbullet I have 3 different ones.Stock 195.00 up grade 269.00 and kelver 399.00. Take your choice in stocks. If you have an need i have Hi Performance parts.Ever part in stock if not i can get it from Chine call me if you need call me for support. 928 344 2117 just call me 928 246 6819
  10. silverbullet. sorry but i do not know this buggy. but if after greasing then the nose went away then just keep maintaining it. rich
  11. Silverbullet Call dealer the will know.Some had power steering.I do not know
  12. silverbullet Hi i was talking to a vendor and he said they were not going to make any, less than.10 pieces rich

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