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    Building the best Joyner i can.Trail riding & developing new parts including performance parts.We at silverbulletmotorsports.net love what we do.We have direct Connections in China Chery Corporation and many more
    DEALER PROGRAM OFFERED.Largest Chery Parts Dealer In The US.
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  1. Custom camshafts for 800cc 1100cc.Chery Engines. Silverbullet We just installed a new regrind camshaft with new software.I don't want to say it but big time power.Low end more power you can be 5 gear at 25 and it gets up and goes. Can say this will kick 1100cc Viper a-- And this is the easiest thing to do and you will be amazed at the power yes in the seat of your pance.Power starts at 1500 rpm and you can feel the power pulling the engine at 2900 it just goes wild you can hear the engine changes sound as it winds up.I just got to drive it and it's great.Sorry but when something work this good it is exciting.Was tested on a renegade 800 cc.Check out YouTube silverbulletmotorspots cams and you will see how easy it is to install.And we did not use tuner all stock renegade.We are going to make a good video in the future.All i can say is this is the best and biggest performance upgrade part you can do yourself.In the past we did not show how to installing the cams with head on the engine.We supply all the shims.And we will do a good Video.This is the best thing it is amazing power.This is total change in power is amazing.The only thing else is the supercharger.We are going to test on the 800 cc engine this week.But believe me you will drive the buggy 800 cc.And will get out with a big smiling.It's killer power.The 1100 i can't wait to install.Any body who lives in Az & Ca.and Wants a camshaft installed we will do install for 80.00+parts only 1 install just to show how easy it is and the power it makes.You will be very impressed with the amount of torque.Puts out! Note about camshaft.New cam guy who builds his own software and does all the camshafts work.thanks Ted!Rick
  2. silverbullet Make sure you tell them you are a UTV Board member.That will help get them moving.I would tell them the clutch just stopped working that's the truth.Good Luck Rich
  3. solverbullet Travis thank you.You always have my back. Thanks Rich
  4. silverbullet. Our parts are always low we sell only the best parts original Chery.We do not have to be called we are always at low price. 5% every 100 dollars you save $5 dollars.All are parts come with a 1 year warrant which is important to give you piece of mine.All differentials we sell our taken apart and upgraded with 12.9 headwear.Tig the pins and set back lash.German wheel bearings no plastic only the best you can just look at them and all you see is quality they come apart so you can lube them.Our throttle cables and out clutch cables will have stainless steel cable so no more rust.Should last at least 2 years or more and we stand behind it.We have always had a 10% percent discount for UTV members for 6 years.The cables will be available in 1 to 2 months. We have sold to many members over the years and having given them the 10%.discount.
  5. silverbullet Just get a garden hose and find a hole where you can get in.If no place to shoot water into the bellhousing.If no place pull the starter out first disconnect battery.Once starter is out just use hose and flush the bellhousing till there is no more mud.There is a little plate on the transmission take the 10mm bolts off.You do not have to take it completely off.Just pry it out a little.And flush till no more mud.If anybody need help call me it's easier for me to help!I Have 16 years of experience on Joyner.We have built hundreds of Stock and Hi Performance engines we have shop manuals to help you out.928 344 2117 Thanks Rich
  6. Silverbullet I have run into this problem.The bell housing is full of mud get the hose and flush it out.You may have to pull the starter.it should have no problem.
  7. silverbullet You can get top performance.Use 2" 3" adapter 2 " side from hose than run 3" PVC to roll cage 90 degree up to top.Hose clamps for roll cage than K&N for trail riding.Uni filter if you run in sand.PVC pipe cut and Glue it.Its very important to do.We rebuild 40 to 50 engines every year from all over the county.We build stock engines and Performance parts.We are experts on Chery engines.And yes we build the 2 cylinder engines.We can get you 85 MPH + Rich
  8. silverbullet The compression is way to low 90 psi will not work.Rebuild the engine and then see what else you need.But first rebuild it parts are no expensive.We carry all engine parts.Plus i know a lot about Joyner Engines.We rebuild 40 to 50 engines a year.All models of Joyners from all over the country. Thanks Rich 928 344 2117
  9. silverbullet I emailed you and said to send pictures of gears you [email protected] Always better to call than email.To much wasted time going back and forth. Frankie
  10. silverbullet Moody i can check.I need type number and picture of your transmission.Please send to my email to [email protected] Thanks Rich
  11. silverbullet 2014 is 1100XY. Let me know what model Xy is it the same as joyner 5 speed manual.Or is it the cvt belt drive.I can get any transmission. The 1500 cc motor will not fit the 1100 Transmission.Completely different. Thanks
  12. silverbullet That's spell check for you .Thanks Rich
  13. silverbullet You need to have a least 50 psi at the gauge.You need to stay up on maintenance running the fuel pump with a clogged filter puts extra strain on the pump.Due you run low on gas that puts extra strain on fuel pump.Trooper can not run on 5 lbs of pressure are you using the right reading on the gauge i think you are looking at the wrong reading on the gauge has 2 scales use the big one.If you have any questions just call 929 246 6819 Rich
  14. silverbullert Remove the oil filler cap, fill oil (SAE 10W/30-50) about 3.86 liters to the engine.This is what oil joyner recomends if engine is broken in than you can go synthetic or a good quality oil.We use the castor oil is a good quality oil.Try to get a Wix oil filter they make a good quality filter.Oil 10 w 30. Thank You