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    Building the best Joyner i can.Trail riding & developing new parts including performance parts.We at silverbulletmotorsports.net love what we do.We have direct Connections in China Chery Corporation and many more
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  1. silverbullet

    Rear Diff

    Sillverbullet In the 650 commando the rear is always locked.I would drain the differential and and see if any big metal in the fluid.It could be a bad C/V axle.check the fluid Commando in differential. Thank Uo 928 246 6819 get back to me.
  2. silverbullet

    Is this the 2018 model?

    Hi Can you send me picture please.
  3. silverbullet

    Help! Anybody no where this connects?

    silverbullet. I have 2 ideas.First i would check compression.Even if it runs good.2 i would check spark plugs wires.Just get a spray bottle and spray the ignition wires.Just see if it runs good or starts to misfire if not pull the boot off spark plugs just a little till you get to the boots and spray and see if it misfires.I tell everybody to check compression.Its a good thing to know.If good that's great 6 times each time with gauge.We rebuild a lot of engines.We have 5 outside for rebuild.2 troopers 1 orian 2 renli 1100 cc autozone loans compresion gauge them out free.They come from all around about 5 differents states.Must want a big bore and customs cams.Plus many other things. We lighten flywheel we lighten crank and knife journals and we make the rods i beam them and shot pine them to make them much stronger.Port and polish head and a few other things.Bore cylinder .070 and put hi low or stock compression forged pistons with total seal rings. Thanks rich
  4. silverbullet

    Joyner USA .

    joyner parts years of experience troubleshooting just call 928 344 2117.
  5. silverbullet

    Joyner USA .

    Silverbullet Joyner in trouble parts man branden has been fired.Joyner parts business has been very slow.We are still carrying joyner parts.We did have a bad year.Vary poor customer service and and we are starting to see daylight.We get our parts direct from China on a 1 to 2 week delivery buy air.We have 16 years of joyner experience and you have to able to make it thru good and bad.We still carry joyner parts and use no aftermarket parts only. Chery parts have a better price on Joyner parts.For members Hi performance parts Engines transmission & suspension parts.We have a lot of experience troubleshooting. Silverbulletmotorsports.net
  6. silverbullet

    What weight of oil and brand Joyner 1100

    silverbullet. 10w40. but i would use 10x30. Thanks Rich If you need parts check us out . silverbulletmotorsports.net 16 year selling Joyner parts. if you have any problem let me know,I can help
  7. silverbullet. .The shop that did this 2 radiator 2 fans is just an ass hole. We bore them out .070 oversize and they still don't get hot..Must weigh a ton and cost a lot of money.This is why thy come to us for 16 years.
  8. silverbullet


    silverbullet They sell a good winch for low cost. warrant check for discount on google harbor freight Thanks Rich
  9. silverbullet

    Silver BulletMotorsports

    Hello We are starting to make a engine assembly include all new part It is going to do complete S QR472 SQR372.These will have all new parts.With hi performance parts.custom cams port and polish and port match. Cylinder heads,complete heads and long block.Or the compleat engine.Call for help and we will help with any other problems.All parts are chery not aftermarket parts . silverbullet Will have been building engines since 1997
  10. silverbullet

    Silver BulletMotorsports

    Hi Just leave it .I am the only one who uses this silverbullet.
  11. silverbullet

    Silver BulletMotorsports

    Do what you wan't.
  12. silverbullet

    Silver BulletMotorsports

    Yes .This is what i do 700 posts.I sell to many from UTV thy like the 10 % discount.They like the price.And Technical help you learn allot in 16 years. you keep the members and give them a good parts. edited by kinarfi to eliminate posting errors
  13. Silverbullet. email me with pictures [email protected]
  14. silverbullet

    OEM or aftermarket

    We do not have Ranger 500. OEM or aftermarket?