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  1. You don't happen to also be in/near Phoenix, AZ? With any work you would do, I would need to bring it to your shop in Tehachapi, CA?
  2. Also looking at some mods soon. Thinking power steering first but can't see springing $1200 for ones at Joyner USA + installation. Already upgraded seat belts, tires and made my own windshield. 1. Power Steering. Alright on straight runs but on tight trails, not easy 2. Shocks...shocks...shocks. Still has stock. Need suggestions on what is available to replace with. Something with a little more travel. 2. Some way to make shifting easier. The cable is too far down the clutch action arm. 3. New rims. The stock ones loose air, albeit slowly, faster then the spare I
  3. TmJoyner


  4. New to the Joyner community. Bought a used 2016 1100 sand viper in descent shape. Only 155 miles. Runs great. It just rattles quite a bit in the front when riding on rough gravel / hard-packed dirt roads outside St Johns. Removed front wheels and seems to be coming from both upper and lower suspension arm bushings/radial bearings (see pic); both left and right. Seems like some play inside the eyelets - as I shake the arms a bit. I assume it's not supposed be loose in there like that and the bushing/bearings are worn. Anyone have had this issue and how did you go about changing them?

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