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  1. Go to ebay parts, type in what you need it should come up.....I paid 25.00 for my clutch cable and was here in 2 days.
  2. Bryan, owner of the axle has finally gotten hold of me, he had been camping, of course sold it the first day on line, so thanks again for trying to help. Please advise if you see anything else..Dan
  3. WOW...thanks so much that is it . I have e-mail them. Don"t know how I missed this I look every Day.. You are a life saver..
  4. Hay, where is your sense of adventure could be here in 2 or 3 days LOL.....
  5. Don't know where you live and Don"t know if you would be interested but I have a real nice running 650 commando but cant find a rear cv axle. Would sell the whole thing for 1500.00 you would have all kinds of spare parts. Everything works right down to the turn signals Dan, Green Valley, Az
  6. If advertised I would think that the could sell 3x that many in no time.....Everyone I have contacted has had lots of requests and out of stock for some time..
  7. Looking for rear axles for the 650 Joyner commander, as is 90 % of the owners, I would take even broken ones and try to get enough parts to rebuild one good one. Or if anyone knows of a crossover that works from other machines. please let me know Thank Dan

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