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  1. Glad to see theres some more out there when i was looking for mine it seemed like it was a hard to come by item, joyner told me the one i bought was the only one they had left.
  2. Thanks everyone for the help and rich ill keep you guys in mind next time i need something, after some head scratching and with the help of welder and machinist friends we ended up modifying the shafts to make it work.
  3. I didnt get a chance to look and still havnt heard back from joyner
  4. I sent the sales and part manager at joyner an email im still waiting to hear back
  5. I know on the new one there is but i didnt notice one on the old one ill check when i get home today.
  6. I recently bought a rear for my cammando from joyner and somethings not right the cv axles fit fine but the output shaft is different any one ele run into this problem or have an idea to make it work? Im gonna email joyner today and see if they can help but i figured someone on here might know something.
  7. https://flagstaff.craigslist.org/mpo/d/joyner-buggy-650-axle-parts/6702370994.html Came across this and thought of you
  8. https://www.dunebuggiesaustralia.com.au/650cc-buggy-parts These guys might have something id give them a call
  9. I live in new New Jersey i deff would of took you up on that offer but its alittle to far for me thanks
  10. I just recently bought a cheap running joyner cammando and i need to find a rear differential and exhaust any help would be greatly appreciated.

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