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  1. I've oreded here several times always been legit!! http://mpsracing.net/47-joyner-parts-mpsracingnet
  2. Ok cool! Seems I'll be basically replicating something similar to your setup just supercharger instead of Turbo, until I can go megasquirt later like Lenny(hopefullywhen i have more money)!... So if you could run down everything you had to make it work, I'd appreciate it.. Did your dobeck have a vac/boost line.. Because I've seen ones with it and I have the one without it... Also did you have to go water/meth injection or 100 octane anything like that.. Thanks..
  3. Still waiting for you to send the ones I ordered...
  4. The joke of the century is you!! where's my parts bro!?!?
  5. Thanks! This is exactly the type of thing I'm looking for advice on! Do you know the specs of the one I'll need? Would it be a 5v 1w? Also from the 1100 service wiring diagram it showed 1 is pressure signal 3 is temperature signal and 4 is ground.. And the first diagram shows the diode between signal and ground. So I'm guessing the diode goes between 1&4 and not 1&3 like you Drew on the paper...?
  6. Hi, I'm getting ready to supercharge my trooper and I'm looking for advice on the setup. So far I have... a AMR500 supercharger, small intercooler, Dolbeck EJK fuel controller and wideband. Looking for any advice on what else I'm going to need and what to expect..Thank you
  7. Mine was similar but, I could attribute the low pressure to oil temperature from the riding I had just been doing (lots of throttle and heavy loads).. I don't have an oil temp gauge but, I just know that the oil was hot LoL!! I'd go with the cooler and if you got problems still.. I'd say it might be in the oil bypass for you.. If so, it's in the oil pump assembly on a chery engine! But, lets hope not!! LMAO
  8. Monty Herbold...Run Royal Purple 20W-50!! And Dan B ......I ride out in Johnson valley Ca, .... I've always ran Royal Purple 20w-50. First time out on start up had 30-40psi at idle and had 70+psi if I was on it...... But dropped to 10-15psi when just of the trail (Hot) and at idle..(still 70psi if on it)... Needed better cooling! What you need is a Oil cooler kit + Royal Purple 20w-50!! That's what fixed it for me!!
  9. I know its been a long time since you've all talked about this but, I was wondering.. Would you recommend going with the EJK thing or the megasquirt / greddy Emanage blue something along thoses lines!?! I'm still N/A buy want to tune for custom intake and exhaust!(and of course more overall power) And do plan on going with a supercharger in the future!(AMR 500) Thanks!
  10. Is anyone running a piggyback ecu on their trooper!I'm interested in a fuel controller! But one with a little bit more control then the electronic jet Set up they sell. I want timing control and more in depth fuel management!

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