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  1. Side Doors for the SV1100

    Sorry for the delay for the pictures. I will post them soon I have to get the buggie out of the trailer
  2. Just made doors for the sandpiper, will post pictures soon. long travel is working well needs a little tune. Plans to build a Wind screen for winter is in the works. Body is almost done.
  3. We now have Electric Power steering for the Sand viper
  4. We are going to make up some suspension upgrades for the Joyner is their any interest in the long travel
  5. Correction Our first attempt was 100 and 100 springs. We are now using 100 and 175 lb spring front and rear with a combined spring rate of 65lbs. The front weight is 350LB the rear is 600LB dead lode. I think going from 100 to 250 (71lb spring rate) will be a little harsh of a spring rate change. We go from a 100 lb spring to a 175 spring ( 63 spring rate) with a primary spring stop on the shock. with the front only weighing 275 with rider per side a nominal spring rate of 50 lbs + is about right. The shocks we are using have a 12" travel using about 5" compression for ride height, wheel travel is about 14". Shock dampening is a big part of how the shock will work. Right now we have the shocks set up with very low damping in both directions. we are using a micro cellular bump stop of about 2.5 ". We don't jump the bug just riding over desert terrain. We still need to do more testing in large bumps. At this time the 12" woops are not a problem.
  6. We now have been running this set up for a while still adjusting the spring rate and shock dampening getting closer. At this time we are at 100LBS primary spring and 100LBS secondary in the front and rear. With this suspension setup you won't spill your cocktail .
  7. I'm Very sorry for the long delay on the response. The stock rear hub assembly is bolted to the new rear trailing arm with tabs. If their is any one Interested in this suspension set up let me know.
  8. Hi Joyner Gang New to the Joyner group. I'm making long travel for the 1100 Sand viper. I'm trying to make something that will work as well or even better than the RZR Rino etc. At this time the front has 14" travel rear has 16" of travel. Still developing the suspension. comets are welcome. Ask questions and I will get back to the Forum ?