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  1. Depends on what work you want done ? you might be able to do it your self.
  2. Give us a call at West Coast Fabrication 6618228111 we work on Joyners ask for Chris We are open most days
  3. Call Joyner usa if that doesn't work call West Coast Fabrication at 661 822 8111
  4. Call West Coast Fabrication they can help 661 822 8111
  5. Jay Nice biggie we are at the shop to day if you want to talk about your project. You can call anytime between 9:00 to 6:00 Chris
  6. We can help you out with any part you might need for your project. Our project is still ongoing, installing a Honda K engine with an auto. give us a call at 661 822 8111 Regards Chris
  7. If you need help call west coast fabrication at 661 822 8111 Chris
  8. Some are controlled by an IAC (idle control valve) controlled by the computer, Some have a throttle stop just like a carburetor and some have a air bleed. We need to find out what you have. Post or send us a picture of the throttle body. Chris
  9. WCF

    West Coast Fabrication

    This is a Joyner 1100 that we got and are in the process of up grading. The next big change we are going to do is a engine up grade. The 50 HP won't cut it. I think we are going to install a Honda K Engine with about 200 hp. At this point the Joyner rides nicer than the RZR 1000 but just doesn't have the giddy up.
  10. Check the fuel pressure when it dies could be a bad pump. Chris 6618228111
  11. The cherry 1100 engine is low on power and is hard and expensive to get parts, I get it. I would suggest on swapping to a honda engine and trans as it's not that hard to do. K engines from honda cars is a good choice or use a D engine. The D engine sits on the opposite side of the car but who cares. Chris
  12. I do have the 1100 engine in the bug and I plan to swap it out. I would swap your engine out for a Honda D motor for the amount of work you are going to put into your bug give us a Call at 661 822 8111

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