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  1. Our power steering unit goes between the steering wheel and the steering rack call us at 661 822 8111
  2. WCF has a Electric power steering unit and information 661 822 8111
  3. West Coast Fabrication we can help you with the joyner 661 822 8111
  4. WWW Mc Master carr will have the part make sure if it is left or right thread
  5. Their is several topics about using the vw trans that is supposed to be the same .I would also call Joyner USA and see if they have one in stock. I will have a transmission and engine available for sale soon.
  6. Are you talking the 1100 trans or the engine swap to honda?
  7. What parts do you need? you can call us at 661 822 8111
  8. Joyner USA has most parts . The vw trans from the ?????? is the same, their is a thread bout that. The big thing is that the engine is only 50 hp just not enough giddy-up. Our trans has a bad 2nd gear synchro so changing the engine and trans for us is the way to go.
  9. We are going to do a Honda K engine with auto in our Sand viper The stock engine just does not have enough giddyup. We can make extra parts if you are interested. Look at our wcf discusion under long travel on our 1100 sand viper. We will sell our 1100 engine and trans.
  10. You don't need a intercooler for th 5 LB of boost for a 9.5 compression engine. All you need is a wide band O2 gauge and a injector controller and injector for the intake then you can richen the mixture under boost, pretty simple way to go.
  11. You fill the coolant system at the highest point . The radiator catch tank is usually taped into the top of the radiator and the tank can be placed anywhere.
  12. Give us a call so we can get the correct info on your car and the correct parts go to westcoastfabrications.com
  13. I understand, do you want to work threw us???? if so let me know what are the pats you need glad to work with you.

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