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  1. So I have a 2018 Massimo 500 and bought with 100 miles on it and only 400 now. It has worked and ran perfect. I noticed towards cooler weather it wasn’t idling and then just not running good at all. things done - replaced the ignition coil replaced the plug checked cord for voltage. Drained gas cleaned tank went to a Rec fuel. Cleaned fuel filter screen at bottom of fuel filter. Cleaned main line and screen (had some residue) no air leaks I can find. Checked cleaned air filter. Cleaned and tested air intake control. Removed cleaned and tested the device moves o ring also fine. I am not a
  2. I have searched and searched and cannot find online a engine schematic to show me the air idle control location any help would be greatly appreciated For a MSU 500
  3. So I changed plug, cleaned air filter , went to recreational gas I am directed to the air idle control as coming up as error code however I can not locate the part on engine. Need location ion of air idle control
  4. Hello! I purchased a 500 with 100 miles owner didn't use like wanted. I have been using (live in Michigan) just started getting cold and now i am having a stalling issue all the time. The unit start runs great but when come to a stop it normally stalls, and when give it power it can bog at times. I know there are the obvious plugs, fuel filter etc but all seem ok, figured there might be a trick tip to this before i dive in. 2. When i take the center cover off there is a pipe that is not covered? what is that for ? should it have been covered? Not sure it weather is connecte

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