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  1. Has anyone replaced the stock shocks and springs on their 2015 Dominator 800 X2 to ride alittle smoother are just changing the springs out.I gotten alittle spoiled riding in my son's rzr 1000xp. My wife just made a comment why don't ride as smooth as our son's thing.lol I'm 62 she's 61 the little rough ride doesn't really bother me. I drive a concrete mixer for a living. I really like the Odes it's pretty good power for for only 800cc I took off the cat and the stock muffler. Put a glasspack with 2" inlet and outlet it has a good deep tone and not really very loud. I'll find out Sunday when we hit the woods .It's definitely more peppy.
  2. Does anyone know if there is a interchangeable steering rack that would work from other brand of sxs Are a rebuild kit to replace the bushing. Mine is a 2015 Dominator 800 2× The steering rack outer bushings are gone .
  3. Going to have the ecu reflash with a modified tune. Haven't Made my mind up yet on who's tune yet. Haven't had a chance to do anything to the machine yet. Been putting in alot of hours in at work. You can fool the signal from oxygen sencor with resistors to richin it up if necessary. Have done it on cars for years after gutting the cat's out.
  4. I picked up a 2015 Odes Dominator 800 2 seater. 62.8 hours and 889 miles. I just picked it up 2 weeks ago.last Sunday I went riding with my son he has a 2017 RZR 1000XP and my soninlaw he has a 2018 wolverine mine has been used for what it was intended for I guess. Lol I missing the roof,windshield, and tailgate,and taillights broken but still work..it still has the cat in the exhaust. Going to take it off and the muffler and make my own muffler for the tone i like. It runs great. Good power. Going to do some work on the suspension for a little softer ride.I gotten spoiled riding in the RZR.. I'm probably gonna ask a few questions about the Odes. I have worked on the rzr alot.. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks Dale

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