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  1. We finally was able to get to the trails today. They're in Sullivan mo. Moonlight Offroad park. All I can say about the way the Dominator performed is WOW I was well worth every minute we put into all the work on the suspension. It is enjoyable to ride in now doesn't beat you up. It almost like riding in my son's 1000XP RZR It rent up hills alot easier than when it was stock suspension. 30" Rockabillys work great. And power steering and Polaris rack turns alot sharper that the original one. It didn't rub real bad .we just going to modified the little spot where it's hitting. The suspension is working so good don't want to adjust the springs their set for perfect shock length travel also for CV shafts max movement. According to the Shock therapy saying how to set up the shock. Thanks for your input. I'm always willing to listen to others. O almost forgot we tried a 1.5 spacer actually made it worse.
  2. It only rubbing when I was backing out of the shop turned really sharp barely heard it on the floorboards . It turns alot sharper with the Polaris rack than Odes one.My soninlaw has a set of 1.5" spacers I could try . But I think it would make it worse. We might be going out tomorrow. I'll find out how everything works. Thank for the suggestion.
  3. Just finished getting the 30×10×14 on today. My soninlaw had them on when I got home from work. It was raining this evening couldn't go for a ride. The front rubs when they are turned.I might relocate the A arms forward a couple of inches. To get the clearance needed. Sure makes the machine look different. It has the short A arms
  4. Grandkids get to help when ever they're around maybe they will remember what they learned to maybe down th road.I enjoy showing them how to do whatever we're working on. Pretty much this thing is treated like a budget build.for the most part. Thanks for the kind words. Next thing is to modifications to front Aarm moving forward the 30" hit the floor board when turning sharp.
  5. I don't have the extra money to spend for the factory top.$499.00 can buy a few other needed parts.And I enjoy making this kinda stuff anyway. Made a top out of some vinyl I had left over from a project 35 years ago. I got some eyelets from Harbor freight for $4.00 and a can of spray glue from parts store for $22.00 and a assortment of small bungie from Harbor Freight. I left the mounts for the factory top intact just incase I get one it go back into place. I also put a Super ATV windshield on flip out .I have to say well worth the money spent. The fit was perfect and very easy to install.
  6. The turning radios is alot sharper with the Polaris rack forsure. Only problem now might be the 30x10x14 Rockabillys rubbing.
  7. I just picked up 5 used 30×10×14 Rockabillys 30% tread on the worst one for $150.00 for all.
  8. Made a aluminum plate to tie in the rear rear A arm together for strength.

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