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This is for all of you ODES Industries UTV, SxS (Side by Side) owners. Discussions about ODES Industries UTVs including Comrade, Dominator, and Ravager models.

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    • So, this unit comes in for hard to start, wont idle, and have to throttle and choke it to keep it running. Of course higher RPMs make shifting into gear awful.  It has the FD620D engine, 808 hrs, ranch vehicle but not abused. I rebuilt the carb, (the right way with dip soak and all the brass), replaced plugs, fuel filter, checked fuel flow from pump, dumped tank and put in fresh gas. It runs some better, but still wont idle or midrange without 1/2-3/4 choke. Very lean, but flowing good amount of fuel through main jets. I've checked for vacuum leak(s), and none found. I have checked coils for proper resistance and found slightly above spec readings across primary terminals but secondary ok.  My query is, can the igniter box go out of "calibration" and change the timing on the coils and cause an advanced condition? The engine does "kick" once in a while when starting it. This could also cause the engine to seem to run lean. Any suggestions are  greatly appreciated. I prefer that it be the "box" to change rather than the space-locked rear coil! What the hell were they thinking?! Thanks in advance . Dan                  
    • Alright! Glad you got it figured out!
    • Hi All, New to the Forum but not new to Mules.
      I am upgrading from Mule 610 to a FX PRO EPS LE. (2016 new old stock).
      Added the Kawasaki full windshield, winch and plow. I really want to add the soft doors as shown in the attached picture, direct from Kawasaki accessory website.
      Has anyone seen these doors installed on a PRO FX with the hard top?
      The notes in the item description says they only work with the full windshield and the full soft enclosure.
      The dealer agrees with me and believes they will work fine but isn't willing to commit. (take them back if there is a problem we can't see)

      Any words of wisdom would be great.

      Many thanks,

    • Thank you also Vaughn. Late yesterday afternoon I received the CFMOTO CF188-011300 that I had ordered and I put a paper towel under the old filter, removed it, cleaned the seating area and put a light coat of oil on the new CFMOTO filter gasket and installed it. NO LEAKS ! The gasket is very different from the FRAM. A side view of the FRAM gasket would look like a small hard (firm) square. A side view of the Chinese filter would look like a wider soft oval. Since the CFMOTO is not easily available locally for me, I downloaded the cross-reference list than Vaughn provided for future reference. It would be interesting to have a list of filters that are common to fail for this application. I would add the FRAM PH4967 to that list.  Sadly, the FRAM PH4967 is listed on the cross-reference that Vaughn provided (no negativity to Vaughn intended). I'm sure the PH4967 is also on some other cross-reference list because I got that number from somewhere.
    • That sounds like it might be a good idea on an air cooled engine. But I don't know if that would work. If you could fit one of those kits that relocate the oil filter. That might give better flow. I'd carefully document the engine temperature before doing anything. That way you'll know how well it works.