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2019 Odes Comrade 650 Jump Start

Brian Lytle

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Disconnect the negative battery terminal.  Get an ammeter and connect it between the negative battery terminal and the negative battery cable.  Then start pulling fuses until you notice a drop in the ammeter reading.  That's the problem circuit.  1/4amp or less is okay.  That could be caused by a clock or standby current for the ECU.  You're looking for a larger current draw that would cause the sparking that you noticed.  Take the battery and see if they can test it.  The problem with these smaller batteries measured in Amp Hrs instead of CCA is that some places can't check them.  Their equipment is calibrated in CCA.  Some use an unreliable method of converting Amp Hrs to CCA by multiplying Amp Hrs x 7.5.  At least it will give you something to test against.  I keep a trickle charger on my SxS battery.

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