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    coleman 500 outfitter wont turn over

    That appears to be a diode. Can you see any labeling that might start with "1N". That signifies a diode and no a resistor. I'll see if I can find something online about it. But maybe another Coleman owner or dealer can ID the part in the meantime. A website I visited said that the Coleman may be a rebranded Hisun UTV.
  2. Dan B

    Joyner commando new rear problem

    I visited Klung Motors web site. They have a differential that has very close the same physical characteristics as the new differential that you have. Can't go by physical characteristics, but it does need to be considered as to form, fit and function. They advertise it for the Trooper 1100cc. Good luck on your search.
  3. Dan B

    Joyner commando new rear problem

    Let's see what Joyner says. I would first suspect that you have a differential from a different Joyner SxS. Are part numbers stamped somewhere on the differentials so that you can compare them to see if they are the same?
  4. Dan B

    Joyner Renegade Spark Arrestor Mounting.jpg

    Needed to install a NFS spark arrestor. Ordered this on Amazon. It's made for a VW engines up to 1700cc. As the notes say in the picture, I had to custom cut and fit the arrestor. Wasn't a major project at all.
  5. Dan B

    hisun 800 intake backfire/no start

    An intake valve may be stuck open (most likely) or the valve timing may be off (less likely). I would check the compression against the standard for this engine. If compression is way low or near zero, an intake valve may be stuck open. If compression is low in the neighborhood of 100 psi or so, the valve timing may be off. Check the valve timing marks vs crankshaft position against the specs for this engine.
  6. Dan B

    Steering hard

    Call your dealer to see if your Mule came with power steering. If you don't have power steering, then hard steering at slow speeds is normal. Low tire inflation pressure (which is normal on ATVs & UTVs) also tends to cause hard steering at slow speeds. Badly aligned front end (toe, camber, caster) will also cause this issue as will bent steering components (was this a dealer demo that might have been abused?). Since your ride is new, I don't think lubrication is your issue unless someone didn't do their job at the factory.
  7. Dan B

    What weight of oil and brand Joyner 1100

    Okay! Thanks for the info. I'll look at getting an oil cooler. There was one time I noticed that my idle pressure was about 10 psi. Then later during the same ride it was near 20 psi. I'm wondering if a problem is developing in the oil pressure relief (bypass valve) adjustment; maybe sticking slightly open at times. I'm not familiar enough with the Chery engines but I do know that regular cars have that adjustment in the oil pump. Older cars had that adjustment in the engine block near the oil filter.
  8. Dan B

    kaf620-e3 kawasaki mule side by side

    Measure the voltage at the battery with the engine running at about 1500 RPM. If over about 14 volts, your alternator is good. If not, then suspect the alternator. If you have the time, charge the battery and let is sit for 24 hrs. If not at 12.6 vdc after that time, your battery can't hold a charge. You don't want to shotgun parts replacement - it can get expensive if your shotgun is off target.
  9. Dan B

    Spark arrestor install

    I installed this spark arrestor on my Joyner Renegade 1100cc a few months ago. It's actually made for VW engines up to 1600cc. Works vert well. Extends about 2" past the rear of the tail gate.
  10. Dan B

    1100 Sand Viper Fuel Pressure

    50 psi at all times the ignition is on and/or the engine is running. Electric fuel pumps don't rely on engine speed. I can't see where the Chery 1100cc engine would need different fuel pressure based upon the chassis (Joyner Trooper vs Joyner Renegade vs Joyner Sand Viper); should be all the same.
  11. Dan B

    Neighbors mechanical problem.

    Edit Sound like a fuel starvation issue. The next time is dies, immediately open the fuel tank cap and see it the engine restarts. If it does, you might have a plugged or kinked fuel tank vent line. That vent line allows filtered air into the tank to replace the fuel that was burned. If that doesn't do it, then someone smarter than I will have to help. A friend had that problem with his small outboard motor.
  12. The first letter "L" says it's made in China. The 10th character "7" says it's a 2007 year model. It is the 126th of however many they made. Online searches on this VIN don't decode most Chinese made vehicles. I found images that has this info linked to it: It's a 300cc model MC-152. Brand name: BODE. Here's a link that I found: http://bodevehicle.sookuu.com/product/xHMQ/New-300cc-UTV-with-EEC-MC152.htm
  13. Dan B

    Diff lock, front or rear only?

    This is just a quick summary of what I've read that drove my decision to buy a 4WD with locking diffs both front & rear. I also decided against the CVT in favor of a clutch and 5-speed transmission (similar to a car). If you're looking for a 2WD UTV, then it won't make much difference. I wouldn't consider taking one of these into a situation where I might need a locking diff. I personally would want a 4WD with both front & rear locking diffs independently selectable. I want to have the option of having all four wheels available to get me out of trouble. But even 4WD with full lockers won't guarantee anything. Most prefer rear lockers because lockers on the steering axle leaves a lot to be desired on soft sand or dirt (tends to not go in the direction you want to go). Front lockers are on UTVs that are FWD; rear lockers are on UTVs that are RWD. Again, it's a matter of preference whether you want FWD or RWD. Most are RWD. Unlike cars, I don't know of any FWD UTVs.
  14. Dan B

    Is this the 2018 model?

    If you can get the VIN, the 10th character is the model year designation. It's a single number or letter that, with a table, will identify it's model year. If it's a "J", it's a 2018 model; a "K" is a 2019 model. If it's any other letter, you can do a search for "VIN year model table" Certain physical features that are unique to a certain model year of the UTV may also help to identify the model year. The ad claims it's a 2018 model.
  15. Dan B

    Trooper cool modifications?

    I'd move the bug-eye headlights to the front and below the hood line as they are on the newer model Troopers. Then put turn signal lamps were the headlights were. Other than that, what you have looks real sharp.
  16. $3000+ for service on a new machine with 60 hrs on it? You're being taken for a ride for sure over very rough terrain. Maybe the lemon law applies here - it is a motor vehicle. I would demand a refund and explain that social media can be an excellent venue to let people know where to spend their money and where not to spend it.
  17. Dan B

    '98 Mule 2510 nightmare

    Your symptoms sure sounds like the idle circuit in the carb is plugged or otherwise restricted. The reason it runs a little better with the choke and/or partial throttle it because that's bypassing the idle circuit and you're running on the high speed circuit. I would also check the float level. That can cause excessive fuel (rich condition) that can cause sooting of the plugs and flooding of the engine. Both conditions can cause hard starting and rough running engines. Lesson I learned in high school auto shop long, long time ago before fuel injection was discovered.
  18. Dan B

    Head swap 500/700?

    I don't see how you can swap the heads to get more power. The part numbers are not the same. Crankshaft part numbers are not the same, either. 13101-004-0000-KIT Piston Kit, HS UTV 400/500 13101-007-0000-KIT Piston Kit, HS UTV 700
  19. Dan B

    Brake Bleeding Nightmare, any advice??

    Do be offended if I state something you already know. I'm just covering all bases. This is how I bleed my brakes on my van and car. My Renegade has three master cylinders (one for the clutch and two for the brakes - I believe that's how they're configured). If you're doing it solo, 1. Place a small glass jar at the wheel furthest from the master cylinders (usually the right rear). and fill the jar with about 1" brake fluid 2. Connect a hose from the bleeder valve to the jar. Make sure the end of the hose is submerged and fits snugly over the bleeder valve. This will be your airlock. 3. Fill the master cylinders with brake fluid. 4. Open the bleeder valve at the wheel furthest from the master cylinder (usually the right rear) 5. Pump the brake pedal slowly about 3 times. Important: Make sure the hoses stay submerged in brake fluid at each wheel and you don't let the fluid level in the master cylinder drop to the point of pumping air into the brake lines. You may find you can pump it more times before you have to refill the master cylinders. 6. Refill the master cylinders and/or the jar as needed. 7. Repeat steps 5 & 6 until you feel you've bled all the air out of that line. If you have a helper, they can watch for air bubbles in the jar to cease. 8. Close the bleeder valve at that wheel. 7. Move to the next wheel (left rear) and repeat steps 3-7. Then repeat for the right front, then the left front. There are several websites that tell you how to bleed brakes. I would suggest you take a look at them for pointers. They can be of help. You may have to bleed the master cylinders before you do the wheels.
  20. Dan B

    UTV Survey

    Some of the questions did not have choices that fit my situation. Example: Some mods are done to enhance utility, not safety, performance or appearance.
  21. Dan B

    Rear Diff

    When I was stationed in Korea, some of their taxi cabs made clunking noises during a turn. Failing CV joints will do that. My VW bus did the same - failing CV joint. At least check them before tearing down the diff.
  22. Dan B

    Torque lube on head bolts

    I would use some sort of torque lube (not motor oil). Resistance to torque in the threaded area can affect the amount of torque that is actually used to hold the parts together. You want all of that resistance applied to the actual torque of the joint and none being used to overcome the resistance of the threaded area. It's similar to tightening a new bolt vs an old rusty bolt. Some of the torque is used to overcome the rusty bolt threads. Whether ARP is better than anything else would have to be based upon what you think of a product's claim. You'll find arguments that using a torque lube will increase the preload stresses when tightening the bolts to spec. I don't see how that can happen unless they've factored in the effects of a dry and clean torqued bolt vs a wet (lubed) torqued bolt into their specs.
  23. Dan B

    Need help converting

    I have a 2014 Joyner Renegade with the Chery 1100cc engine. It appears that the oil pump is driven directly from the crankshaft. I'm going to try a heavier weight oil (40 or 50) to see if that improves my idle oil pressure (it's at 10 psi, bare minimum).
  24. Dan B

    Need help converting

    What machine are you working on. I'm wondering if my low oil pressure at idle has excessive oil pump clearances. (Joyner Renegade 1100cc) .14mm is 0.005512"