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  1. I have a 2013 volunteer with the 625 engine and no problem pushing snow up long driveway
  2. Guys looking at my first UTV- Found a 2018 Pioneer 700-4 -deluxe-which the guy said he only used it a handful of times but then told me it had 1600 miles- Is that alot for a 2018 - Assuming he had the service work done- Anything I should be looking out for or questions that I should ask- He is a couple of hours away from me--I will be using this to plow my driveway and mow with a pull along mower a few acres- would this be a good UTV for those purposes- thks so much
  3. guys was mowing with my pull along mower for about 3 hrs and everything was fine- when I stopped to get a drink and restarted it would not move in gear engine kept revving but nothing- When I put it in 4 wheel drive it moved- I am assuming the clutch is going??- If so how hard is it to replace and which one do I get- thks so much
  4. my volunteer with the Kohler 624 engine is leaking from the bottom- I think it is oil but not sure- since the whole bottom is a skid plate I can not see- it is not leaking from the filter or the oil pan so really not sure - Also very hard to start in cold weather takes forever even with choke on- I am assuming it is oil but any help would be appreciated thks
  5. Come on guys someone must have an idea-= Checked again and I have no power coming to wiring harness ignition switch- anyone know where the safety switches are located= really not sure where to look anymore please help--
  6. guys- machine ran fine - Pushed button to put in 4 wheel drive and the machine died- I have power at battery and to the fuses but everything is dead-- PLEASE let em know of any ideas- I really do not know what else to look for- thanks
  7. Bebop86


  8. anyone upgrade toa power lift for the dump -If so which would you rec.- thks
  9. So in my manual it says to ONLY use shell dentex 80-90 low foam oil- can not find it anywhere- what are you guys using- thks
  10. Ok got it- pays to read the manual- it will stall if put into gear with emergency brake on- so that solves that problem- thks
  11. guys My son just brought home a 2014 volunteer with only 180 hrs- It starts right up but when I go to put it in gear it stalls- took the plug out -totally black- replaced it and still stalls in gear- HELP- thanks

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