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  1. Polaris 500 cc fuel pump works great on this was fro a mid 2000 500 cc with EFI
  2. Lower the pressure to 40 psi and run with out the air filter and retest . Sounds like Air fuel ratio issue
  3. Now on another note has any one used the e brake caliper with the service brakes .. What i thought of doing was using a lnong banjo bolt to double the lines at the first caliper to the e brake caliper to help stopping power ?? Thoughts ? 

  4. I Fixed it 


  5. Any one know how i can get my hands on a new crank shaft pulley for the 1100 cc chery . 2009 Joyner trooper .. 372-1005040
  6. Interested in knowing the worst and best things on the trooper . Im new but got one for cheep it needed work but almost done .

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