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John Deere 825i Gator uses the 800cc version of your engine; same engine parts - just an extra cylinder.  Kawasaki has one model that uses the same 800cc engine.  If you can't find a Joyner, look to those two dealerships.  You might get lucky.  Coleman and Hisun (same) and the Tracker (sold by Cabela's) use the same 800cc engine.  But don' look to Cabela's for help; they just sell them.  There's a local dealer & service shop in Mesa, AZ that might be able to help. 480-882-9612 is a ph number on Yelp.

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      I have a 2010 Kawasaki mule 600 I've ohmed the wires to the voltage regulator and stator and to the ignition switch all read good. Now when I plug up my voltage regulator it gets extremely hot and so does the wires. I've used my volt meter and checked the plug and I'm getting ac out instead of DC out to the battery. I've got 22 volts ac going to the voltage regulator and it's putting out 3 volts ac instead of DC anyone know why or what I need to check 
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