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Are there any performance parts for ut400?

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Ive searched and cannot find any performance parts that fit my machine.

I have a 2020 coleman ut400.

Im looking for machined sheave kit, programmers, cdi, exhaust and intake.

I know these are yamaha rhino clones but are they rhino 450 clones?


Any info is appreciated.

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JMHO, but I think you bought the wrong machine if you are looking to hop something up. Whatever you could do wouldn’t overcome the fact that you have a single speed un changeable gearing in a 1100 lb platform powered by a little “400” engine. Most owners focus on noise reduction and trying to make it more comfortable. 

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I got the machine basically for free with a blown engine. I rebuilt the engine, replaced crank, cylinder, piston and timing chain. It runs good and has a top speed of alittle over 40. It seems to me that the engine is a clone of a kodiak 450 efi, so i figured parts for them should work. I know it will never be fast being a 400 but wanted to get alittle more pulling power out of it.


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Let us know if you find parts that fit. I believe it's a rhino 450 clone, but not sure if engine parts are swappable,, AND I've yet to read any definitive reports of anything swappable.

The engine tune is adjustable via HUD ECU hacker software, which is free. Just need about $25 in cabling and the time and knowledge to play with the fuel mapping.

Here's my explanation on how to get HUD ECU hacker working on these rigs and what you need

That having been said its a 400 so you wont likely squeeze much more out of the engine.

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