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  1. You choose a SXS that is not popular, and few people own them, compared to others. It probably has a Delphi fuel injection system, like Odes uses on it's Comrade, which is plagued with problems. You cannot go into the electronics and tune the injection system, as you can on others. I know on the Odes, they changed every part in the whole system, on the POS that I bought. In the end, under threat of a going to court under Texas Lemon Law, they refunded my full purchase price. They could make mine run 100% better, but they could never get a miss out of it and make it run smooth. Good luck with the unit you bought. I will never buy a cheaper alternative to anything again. My new Yamaha Viking rocks!
  2. My friend has a 570 and I have the Viking. The 570 is noisy, has less room in the cab and a smaller engine. The Viking also comes with a 10 year belt warranty. Yamaha is known to have the toughest drive line in the industry. The minus to the Viking, is that the rear end has a spool piece, meaning no spider gears, no limited slip. It is full time posi-trac, so, everytime you turn hard around in your yard, you are going to turn up grass. I like a full size door, so I spent $600 on Super ATV Doors, and replaced the little half doors. Everyone loves the full size doors. I don't know if aftermarket are available to Polaris. One other thing. on the Viking, with the factory fold down windshield, when you have it up, and it is raining, there is about a 2 1/2 open space at the top, that allows the rain to blow in your face. The whole windshield can be adjusted up to stop it, BUT, you have to get out in the rain, then, when you load it to haul, the windshield must be restored to the original position. I love my Viking and would buy one over the Polaris, everytime.
  3. If it sparks when you remove the negative cable, something is still powered up, and draining the battery.
  4. Chick Collins

    Chick Collins

  5. Check your messages here. I sent you all the info I have.
  6. Chick can you jive me Mike Smith's email address again please I got a lawyer now to get my money back from odes  Went and bought me a 2019 can am defender xt and I love it twice the bike the Odes is 

    1. Chick Collins

      Chick Collins

      Mike Smith     [email protected] 

      Mike will refund the amount that the dealer paid for it, and the dealer will have to cough up the rest. What I ran into, the dealer did not want to give up his cut. He said Odes had not paid him for any of the warranty repairs, and he had to pay his mechanic. I took the check and went and cashed it. After I had that cash in hand, I then told the dealer I was coming to his county and precinct, and file in small claims court against him. I had originally told him I would take half ($500), and call it even. He ended up paying me the $500, and I took a loss on the other $500. If you sue someone in Texas, in small claims court (good for up to $10,000) in Texas, the person being sued can demand it is done in his county and precinct. If you file in your county, you have to pay a fee, something like $150, Then, if he wants it in his precinct, you have to pay that fee again. You can do all this yourself, without a lawyer, by filing yourself in small claims court, and presenting the evidence that you have met all the requirements of Texas Lemon Law, or, you can go through the Texas Lemon Law website. There are requirements about Odes having multiple opportunities to fix the same problem, and/or, it has been in the shop for a specified number of days. I had met and exceeded all the requirements, and he knew it.  Odes has moved their manufacturing facility from Texas, to some state north of us. But, they still have a warehouse of some kind, in Dallas. Let me know what happens.  Mike Smith should be fined for put those POS on the market. 

  7. The people at Odes think they have the right to re-write the Bill of Rights for us. On their website, they have bastardized the 2nd Amendment to say, "2.Right to keep and bear arms for the purpose of a well-regulated militia.", What the 2nd Amenment really says is, "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."
  8. Well, Roy, you are having the Odes experience. I bought one in in Jasper, Texas, and it was fine for the first 10 hours. After that, it was a SNAFU. They could not make the engine work correctly. After looking at all the options, I decided I was going to Lemon Law them, or take them to Small Claims Court. Mike Smith (owner of Odes) finally agreed to refund my money. Google up Lemon Law in Texas. There is a criteria you have to meet. UTVs are covered by Lemon Law, in Texas. I had to go buy a Yamaha Viking, while the Odes was in the shop. And, if you try to sell it, you are going to find they have no resale value. Let us know what happens.
  9. Another thing, there is not much as far as parts and accessories available for the Odes. Just try to find a cross reference for the oil filter. HA!
  10. I bought a 2018 Odes Comrade (Rhino copy). Had multiple problems with it. The big problem was the engine kept backfiring through the intake box. Not real loud, just a pop, loud enough to hear, and feel at times. The shop mechanic could not make it stop. He changed the injector, the fuel pump, adjusted timing, adjusted the valves and several heat ranges of spark plugs. He even changed the fuel electronic computer. It would not stop. He said that on on other UTV's. you could access the electronic computer and adjust the fueling, but on the Odes, it was preset and not adjustable. Mike Smith, the Odes owner, sent a factory mechanic. He said the man would arrive with a fully stocked truck, test equipment and parts. Some yo-yo showed up in a old car, with a back pack of tools and a cardboard box of parts. He changed everything the shop mechanic already did, plus the key switch. It ran worse than ever. Odes finally refunded my purchase price., and hauled the Comrade back to Dallas. The Odes has the best warranty on the market, plus a lot of extras, but, it doesn't matter what they have or warranty, if they cannot fix it. I do not recommend Odes, to anyone.
  11. I need to know if the 27x9x12 and 27x12x12 Maxxis Bighorns work ok, on the factory rims of the 2019 Viking, without rubbing on the tie rod end or anywhere else.
  12. No joke about the oil change. Mike Smith himself said that. The dealer changed spark plugs(several heat ranges), adjusted the valves, changed the switch, injection computer, fuel pump,. injector, plug wire, we moved the battery ground, and other stuff, but nothing helped. The lack of factory help is a big no-no. Just try to find a phone number to call someone. And if you find one, don't cross your fingers waiting for them to answer. They are a small company with a big mouth.
  13. Will the 27x9x12 and 27x12x12 Maxxis Bighorns work ok, on the factory rims of the 2019 Viking?
  14. Well, let me tell you my experience. I bought a new Odes Comrade. All was fine for about the first 10 hours, then I noticed it was popping back through the intake. Took it to the dealer twice for that. Then, it left me in the woods, I had to call someone to come get me. Took it to the dealer. He found that the battery ground, was attached against a plastic battery box, and was reliant to the bolt to go to the frame. The mechanic moved it to another location. I went back to the woods. It was still popping back through the intake. After I was through hunting, a week later, I carried it back to the dealer and told him no hurry, but when I picked it up, I wanted it fixed. A month later, he called and said he had done all he could do. He said the factory could offer no help, and that there was not any way to go into the computer and adjust the fuel mixture. He had changed the fuel pump, injector, the electronics and tried several heat ranges of spark plugs. He called to other dealerships, and in the end, they told him, that engine just did that, and there was nothing that could be done with that. I picked it up and emailed Odes, telling them what was going on, and I wanted my money back. Mike Smith first, tried to tell me that I had voided the warranty by changing my own oil. He finally said he would send a factory mechanic, with a fully stocked truck, tools and instruments, to repair the unit. 10 days later, a man showed up in an old car with a back pack of tools and a cardboard box full of parts. He worked on it several hours, and said it was fixed. They told me he had put the 3rd fuel pump and injector on it, replaced the electronic brain again, put a new key switch in it, and changed the spark plug. When I got there, it was worst than it had ever been. I would start and die., start and die, and on the third time, it would stay running. It did this every time it had set up for several hours. Oncfe it was running, it was pooping back through the intake, plus, it was now back firing through the muffler. I began to demand my money back or I was going to file lemon law. This unit also had headlights that would not adjust right, It pulled to the right, plus, it was delivered to me with almost 30 psi air in the back right hand tire. I did not notice the tire, until it was extremely worn, I was told it was ready to go, when I picked it up. Who would have thought they had not checked the tire air pressure. Odes would not replace the tire, and I had to pay for it. Odes would do nothing about the front end pulling so bad, and the mechanic could not adjust it out of it. It took a lot it?of emails and arguing, but Mike Smith finally agreed to refund the invoice amount, and my dealer had already said he would refund every cent I had spent. Well, Mike Smith drug his feet, made excuses, but finally did send the money to the dealer, who gave it to me. BUT, the dealer then reneged on his statement to refund every penny I had spent. He would not refund even 1 cent of the mark up. First he claimed that he thought Odes was going to refund it, then, he explained that Odes had not paid for 1 minute of the labor, that his mechanic had put into it. I told him that was between him and the dealer, but no consumer anywhere, was every expected to pay for warranty repairs. I tried to negotiate with the man, but he would not budge. Monday, if he has not contacted me with something, I am filing in Small Claims Court. There is not one competent business man out there, who would expect the manufacturer to refund the dealer markup. That does not even make good nonsense. Does anyone want to buy a rear factory tire, for the Comrade, with about 2 miles on it? I do not recommend Odes or Mike Smith, to anyone. If they would have manned up and replaced the unit with another, or just refunded my money with out a fight, or if they had competent service people to help you, I would not feel this way. Heck, when trying to find out what specific engine oil to use, one of them told me to use GL5, which is 90 weight rear end lube. I can't make this stuff up.
  15. What has been your experience with Odes, Mike Smith or the Comrade?

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