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  1. Roy Marshall

    Roy Marshall

  2. Not worth a damn and bikes are junk there that's my 2 cents on the matter
  3. Don't buy one I have a 2018 Dominator x 2 800 10 months old been in and out of the shop for the 7 months just got it out of shop again been there for 2 1/2 months there junk
  4. Chick can you jive me Mike Smith's email address again please I got a lawyer now to get my money back from odes  Went and bought me a 2019 can am defender xt and I love it twice the bike the Odes is 

    1. Chick Collins

      Chick Collins

      Mike Smith     [email protected] 

      Mike will refund the amount that the dealer paid for it, and the dealer will have to cough up the rest. What I ran into, the dealer did not want to give up his cut. He said Odes had not paid him for any of the warranty repairs, and he had to pay his mechanic. I took the check and went and cashed it. After I had that cash in hand, I then told the dealer I was coming to his county and precinct, and file in small claims court against him. I had originally told him I would take half ($500), and call it even. He ended up paying me the $500, and I took a loss on the other $500. If you sue someone in Texas, in small claims court (good for up to $10,000) in Texas, the person being sued can demand it is done in his county and precinct. If you file in your county, you have to pay a fee, something like $150, Then, if he wants it in his precinct, you have to pay that fee again. You can do all this yourself, without a lawyer, by filing yourself in small claims court, and presenting the evidence that you have met all the requirements of Texas Lemon Law, or, you can go through the Texas Lemon Law website. There are requirements about Odes having multiple opportunities to fix the same problem, and/or, it has been in the shop for a specified number of days. I had met and exceeded all the requirements, and he knew it.  Odes has moved their manufacturing facility from Texas, to some state north of us. But, they still have a warehouse of some kind, in Dallas. Let me know what happens.  Mike Smith should be fined for put those POS on the market. 

  5. How hard was it to get him to jive you your money back that's what I want to do is get my money back and my 3,000 dollar down pmt back
  6. Well that funny I'm from Jasper and my kids and grandkids still live there well mine has been in the shop now for 5 weeks here in Huntsville tx still haven't gotten all the parts in who did you talk to about taking it back I'm getting all the paper work together to fill Limon law on mine I'm going to buy a can am defender xt I thought Spencer Bradshaw owned the order dealer there he Used to sell Polaris my son has a 4 wheeler shop in Jasper he works on sxs all the time let me know you can text me at 936 245 9597 would like to talk with you some more about these bikes
  7. Yes it is now it's going in the shop tommorrw once again don't know for how long
  8. So I started out with the 2013 Odes Dominator 800. Had a full realm of issues incl.the cytrifical clutch blowing out and clipping my leg while simply driving it down to my mailbox.Traded it in fall 2018 with a cracked trans.case. Bought the 2018 ODES Zeus. Within a month the touchscreen wouldn't work. Shop 3x. Then engine oil coolant hose blew. Stayed in Playing Around MotorSports in Conroe Tx for almost a month. Approx 1mo.later the power steering motor went out. In shop for 6wks. Mind you this isn't just for pleasure. It's used for all Ranch purposes. New motor only lasted about a month. Th

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