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Odes Dominator

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Does anyone have info on the Odes Dominator X4 800. I ve been looking at theses and trying to get better info on the plz give some insight..Thx

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Hi mate, Ive got an 800. Had it for 4/5 years.If you are happy to cruise around at a leisurely pace and do a bit of exploring then they are a cheap alternative. Anything remotely fast on rough ground will likely end in early end to the day. Ive had to replace the tie rods for small car ones as I broke one without much effort so I just replaced at the same time. Only issue is the Ive probably move the weak point to somewhere else.

Also I have managed to roll it once at relatively slow speed and tweaked the cage. I pulled it back roughly to where it should be and then removed the doors and welled in side intrusion bars to help strengthen it a little until I can make something better later. I've also shredded a belt so I replaced it and ordered a 2nd which I keep in the glove box.

They are a cheap fun vehicle but they arent a Can Am or Polaris. If you have mates you are riding with that have the brand name UTVs dont expect to be keeping up in the fast stuff. I like to go out by myself and just explore so it suits me fine. I would like to push it harder at times but I just except the limitations and drive to suit. There are several upgrades I want to do to make it safer and more capable.

I'll add some pics a bit later if like.

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