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Odes thinks they can rewrite our Bill of Rights.

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The people at Odes think they have the right to re-write the Bill of Rights for us. On their website, they have bastardized the 2nd Amendment to say, "2.Right to keep and bear arms for the purpose of a well-regulated militia.",  What the 2nd Amenment really says is,  "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

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On 6/22/2019 at 9:45 PM, Chick Collins said:

The people at Odes think they have the right to re-write the Bill of Rights for us. On their website, they have bastardized the 2nd Amendment to say, "2.Right to keep and bear arms for the purpose of a well-regulated militia.",  What the 2nd Amenment really says is,  "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

You tell'am bud bunch of aholes

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    • By Rick McGill
      So, here's my story. I have a 2009 Hisun 700cc UTV. Started out as a freebie but you know nothing is free. I'm no mechanic but a neighbor is very good with this stuff and he's been doing all the work. I'm just doing all the cosmetic stuff. After replacing rings, piston, gaskets and seals, water pump, etc., he found that a circlip and a roll pin that hold the oil pump shaft in, have fallen off inside the engine at some time in the past. We don't know when or how long it's been driven that way. I got it from another neighbor who only drove it around the neighborhood once in a while. Anyway, the guy working on it thinks maybe we should just scrap the engine and find a replacement. I've heard the Yamaho Rhino 660 is almost a direct fit for the Hisun 700. My question is, "how direct?" Will it drop right into the same motor mounts? Will all the connections match up? Air box? Gearing? Carb? Sensors? This one is not fuel injected. OR-- If it's easier, where could I get a Hisun engine? Thanks in advance for all your input.

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      I have an odes 15o utv and need a new motor. Where can I find one ? I’m not sure of year 2015 or 2016 I think. I see gy6 motors online but the don’t look same to me. 
    • By Coleman400
      My gauge is working fine, but as it got low on gas and the gauge showed it as low, I filled it up but the gauge didn't come back up. Does it need to be restarted or anything to reset? Does it need to be driven a certain distance maybe or should it be instant?
    • By Dan_Lockwood
      If you pay any attention to your UT400, you have probably noticed that the right front wheel tips in at the top a LOT.  The left fronts seem to be about right from what I've seen.  I look at them all when I'm at different stores just to see if they're all that way, and yes, they all seem to be that way.
      There "should" be adjustments on either the ball joints or the inner pivot points, but these are solid, not way to adjust them.
      I have the UT400 up on my 2-post lift and the right spindle seems to be around 3-deg tipped in at the top and the left spindle is about straight or maybe half a degree tipped in.  This is at full suspension drop, not ride height.  I took the shocks off and rotated the spindles from bottom travel to full max up travel, way more than the shocks will allow.  The higher the spindle lift, the more tip in there is on both spindles.  This is true because of the unequal upper and lower A-arms.  It's just the nature of of the dual A-arms and them being unequal in length.
      I took the inner pivot 8mm bolts out and inserted a lot smaller 1/4" bolts and pushed the lower A-arm inward and the angle on the spindle decreased.  I then took the top inner bolts out and did the same thing, but pulled out instead.  This got the spindle equal to angle of camber on the left side.  I used the offset in the holes to see how much I need to go on the lower alone.  I was also concerned about bottoming out the axle assembly because the spindle centerline will not be a bit closer to the front diff.  But as it all turned out, it was not close to bottoming out.
      I cut about 1/4" out of the two 1" A-arm tubes as they were welded to the lower ball joint mount casting.  I tack welded them back together and trial fit it all together.  That seemed to be about right.  I took it all back apart and welded it up solid.  Now it all looks to match the left side quite well.
      Also want to use this in our yard and the stock tires are NOT turf friendly, especially with the solid "spool" rear differential.  I found these on Amazon, 25x12-12" and 25x8-12" hard pack race tires as they're called.  They're 6-ply and tubeless.  The initial probably I had was that the size rating was not even close to the actual size.  They said, install and then recheck the diameters and I did.  They did get larger, but the rears are more than 1" smaller in diameter than the side wall stamping.  Instead of 25", they're 23.75" tall.  What I DON'T WANT are shorter tires.  I had already purchased the used wheels at 12" to match the original factory diameter, but in hindsight I would now opt for 14" wheels with 4x110mm bolt pattern and would have been able to find a tire in the 27" diameter range a lot easier and cheaper.  Live and learn they say.
      Here are some pictures of before and after.

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    • By Rainman
      So here's the short of the long and I'd like to run this by others. I got a good deal, but I may have been scammed, depending on the facts behind the scene, as I will explain.
      I was looking at inexpensive UTVs with what I could afford and had 3 brands in mind. The only one that was available was the Coleman Outfitter UT400, which was sold at Tractor Supply. The internet showed they only had one left, so the next day I went down to take a look. When I got there the salesman told me that the model they had was just sold, but he would show it to me so I could see it. Then he came back and said he couldn't find it, as it may have already been picked up by the buyer, but he would talk to the manager to see what he could do.
      The manager confirmed the floor model was just sold, but he had one in the back they couldn't sell. He took me to see it and proceeded to tell me they couldn't sell it because a year ago, after they moved from one location from across the street to their new location, they lost the keys. It also needed a gas cap and a couple of the reflectors were missing. Since it was a 2021, he really wanted it out of the store, so he offered it to me for $6000. Now the internet price was $8000, and the tag on the UTV with the sku number said $9000.
      I told him I'd have to think it over, even though I was saving between $2000-$3000, I wanted to make sure I could get parts, since I also found out that Coleman had filed Chapter 11 back in February.
      I came back 4 days later and told him I would not purchase if unless I was able to drive it and the only way to do that without the keys was to hot wire it. He was okay with that, so I got it started and took it for a drive. There were a few bangs and clunks that went away, probably due to it sitting around and now knowing that the shifter problems exist, which may have been some of the noise. But all in all, it started right up and for the most part, ran good.
      I bought it, took it home, and it sat in the barn for almost a week while I was trying to locate parts. Seems that the more I learned about this particular model and it being a 2021, parts were not readily available. Now taking into consideration the manager stated this was a brand new UTV, here is where I started to scratch my head.
      Supposedly, the UTV sat there unused for about 18 months. The manager said he only started working there about 6 months ago. When I finally did some research and started learning a little bit about the UTV, I was able to check the actual hours and mileage. The dash showed me that there was just under 7 hours and 23 miles on that UTV. Then, when I went to install the new ignitions switch, since I couldn't get keys for the original switch, I had to swap out the connectors only to find out that the wiring to the original ignition switch had one of the wired cut and someone had soldered it back together.
      After I started to clean the dust and dirt accumulated on it for the past 18 months, I noticed the clear head light lenses were scratch inside and out and the head light compartment was loaded with dirt and debris. Under the hood was mud that had kicked up there and the windshield was also scratch up, both inside and out. Two bolts were missing off a piece on the exhaust system, which I know had fallen off on someone else's UTV, but the bolts vibrated off of his after about a year of use. And today I found out that there may be a wiring problem with a brake light, which by the way is the only light that didn't have a zip tie holding the rubber dust boot on the back of the brake light assembly, which tells me someone else may have tried to fix the problem.
      So with all that said, I did only pay $6000 for now to be know as a slightly used UTV, saving between $2000-$3000, and with that I am okay - BUT - Was I scammed by the manager at Tractor Supply or him only being there 6 months (if that is the truth), was he telling me only what he was told and he is innocent?
      So my question is (3 hours later), do I keep it, fix it, and feel good about what I paid for it and what I saved, or return it and do without, because I really can't afford to pay 10 or more thousand for another brand? I do need a UTV to be able to maintain my 12 aces and I'm now 70 years old, so I'm trying to make a good decision here, even though I am still not certain if I was scammed by Tractor Supply or this deal was done in all innocents and miscommunication with Tractor Supply employees.
      I'm open for any input and thank you in advance.
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