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UTV Odes Ravager 1000cc - Strange noise from the back

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Hello friends,

I got my ODES Ravager UTV yesterday and after a couple of hours of driving when I go downhill I heard a strange loud noise a couple of times, like a gear skipping or maybe something from the differential.

It doesn't always happen and when it does it is heard for a few seconds and then it goes away and everything works normally, I'm worried if there could be some major malfunction or what could be the problem if someone can help me?

Thanks a lot.


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I forgot to mention that when the sound starts (as if the gears are skipping, or something like that, it's really loud) and when that sound starts I have to brake in place and then the sound disappears and when I start again everything is normal, it happens when I drive in H, it seems that the sound is coming from between the rear differential and the gear shifter, but I'm not sure.

Sometimes it is not heard for a long time, I can drive for a couple of hours and it is not heard and then suddenly that terrible sound appears.

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Hmmm only thing i can think of is that if the rear driveshaft doesnt have a carrier bearing part way down it could be binding when off throttle, downhill under load. 

Other thought if you are decending steep and engine braking without dragging or using the actual brakes it can be the secondary loading up and banging around.

Do a test run on the second point see whats up, if braking helps just brake.


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