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Loud UTV and communication

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Just bought a used UTV, my first SxS.  It is extremely LOUD!   Was thinking of wearing shooting ear muffs to muffle the noise but then my passenger( wife) and I couldn't hear each other over the shouting we have to do now.... On the other hand we sometime ride with my brother and his wife and would like to be able to communicate. We throught about FRS and/or GMRS radios (we are licensed for GMRS) but we'd have to wear earphones under our ear muffs. My state doesn't require helmets to ride UTVs.

I suppose if everyone has a cheap FRS/gmrs bubble pack radio with a ear phone we could all talk to one another. Just wear an ear plug in the other ear or ear muffs.

Looking for suggestions.

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Well...to answer my own question I found an FRS radio that clips onto Walker Razor slim electronic noise cancelling ear muffs. Plugs right in and you can hear the radio through the muff's speakers and it has push to talk or voice activated microphone.  Since I already have a pair or those ear muffs I ordered a pair of radios to go with them on Amazon  Hopefully I'll get a chance to try them out this weekend.

These are fairly short range FRS radios, they say a mile but my experience with FRS bubble pack radios is you're lucky to get 1/4 mile. Which is fine for talking to someone sitting next to you or in a vehicle a couple hundred yards in front or behind you.





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I bought a Silent Rider muffler to add on the existing muffler. I haven’t had the chance to install it yet but they rave over how it makes them quieter. Got a couple of other issues to work on before I get it permanently installed. Best I can tell with it temporarily hanging there it takes some of the popping noise down a bit. 

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Hey Mac66,

Check out what I did to address that issue. Made a MAJOR difference. On must UTV's the noise is from the intake. No so much on the muffler.
I had the same issues you described. 


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