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  1. Yea, I kinda stalled out over here. It's been raining and turned a little too cool outside. Here is a adjustment point. The tiny red X is the nut I will be tightening. It's too cramped in my garage right now to do it. It was a challenge to get the picture. What do ya'll think?
  2. When I see that weird name, I just look at it. I've never even tried to pronounce it. I didn't see any benefit from it.
  3. You know, I grew up in the South. I love the South. I grew up on Chevrolet/GMC, Ford and Chrysler. Pretty much in that order. In 2010 I bought a Kia Sportage (Korean) mainly because Consumer Report gave it top ratings and it came with a 10 Year - 100,000 mile warranty. Well, fast forward to 2021. I swear, all I've put into it is 1 battery, 1 set of tires and a brake job. So...yeah
  4. The infamous Honda three wheeler. I had many a friend that got injured on one of those. Usually a shoulder injury if you're lucky. You know it's bad when the government steps in and bans them. Like the lawn darts (remember? I had some!), the original MB200 minibike (people got killed from faulty forks) beanbags, pop rocks, clackers (acrylic balls on sting) original easy bake oven with a 60 watt bulb. Yea, I'm as old as dirt. I remember getting that cymbal clapping chimp for Christmas, it had these really creepy bulging eyes. Main problem was we only had general purpose batteries back then (no
  5. BTW I had Mr Machine too. We're both geezers.
  6. Dang man. Now that is a backstory. That is important information to me. I'm a small business owner, same company now for 34 years. I was actually considering applying to be a dealer for Massimo. My nearest authorized dealer is in Kentucky! I thought I could set the woods on fire with sales in the Metro Davidson/Nashville Area. There's 2 million people out here and no Hisun dealer. With your added valuable info, I think I would rather maintain my reputation and especially my sanity. At any rate, I got a real laugh out loud to your: "getting tired of screwing". That's funny... I should be so lu
  7. That's just crazy. That's not the first time I've heard of a really bad experience with Massimo. Seems like some units run for years with hardly any maintenance ever needed and some are just poorly assembled. While checking Massimo's online reviews, some ex-employees leave poor reviews on how bad/sucks, it is to work for Massimo. So far, I repeat.... so far, mine seems to be running fine. It only has 4 hours, I'm trying to give it a proper break in. We'll see how it develops. It has jumped out of gear one time during acceleration. I hope it was just a user error, It hasn't done again...yet.
  8. That's some interesting stuff, I'd like to know that backstory.
  9. That's some interesting stuff. I'd like to know that backstory.
  10. Oh no, unbelievable! I guess I better try and check that 1st. Thanks Joe.
  11. That's what I'll try. I'll keep you posted. Thanks man, you Rock!
  12. That's it Cliff!!! I have access to the one in the middle. I couldn't to figure out how to adjust/tighten. Should I engage the brake and then tighten the nut in the middle diagram. Or should I do the opposite. I'm thinking this is where you tighten the brake.
  13. Good info! That had not crossed my mind. Thanks
  14. Joe, Yea, mine was too loose from the factory as well, delivered to my place like that. It has always topped out when you engage it. My driveway has a slight slope and it won't even hold my little 2 seater SxS. My unit was delivered incomplete, I'm still waiting on cosmetic parts for over a month. My experience has been that everyone is waiting on China deliveries. Not just Massimo, but also my local SxS tire and accessories shop, Side By Side Stuff, Rocky Mountain.com, everyone is having shipping/receiving problems. I can't get the exact wheels and tires that I want due to shipping delay
  15. Hi Cliff, I had seen that illustration. Unfortunately the mechanics on mine are entirely different that the picture. I tired calling Massimo support, but they tend to give you the run around. There has been a lot of turn over at Massimo. I hope when the smoke clears over there, that it's an improvement. Odes has even less support. I can't even find a "service manual" like I have for my sea-doo's. They tell you how to fix/adjust everything.

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