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  1. Thanks , I think they have a mini reader you use with your phone for around a hundred...
  2. Hisun has a YouTube video that shows where the port is.... by the engine. Tiny-Scan is same company as Tiny Tach.
  3. Hi Tiny Scan TS 301 will read the codes, I believe,
  4. Hi my friend has a 2018 Massimo Warrior 700. It will continue to run, even after removing the key from the ignition switch. And stays running until he disconnects the battery. The other clue is the left head light stays on, he has burned out three left headlight bulbs in a year. He has checked for loose connections. One final clue is he went through a 6 inch puddle of water, so some wires may have gotten wet. It’s been inside for 4 days, with same symptoms. Any ideas? thanks in advance
  5. It shouldn’t be this contentious about the correct oil fill level should be in my opinion. Seems like some of the machines didn’t have the extension and some did, the manuals aren’t that clear about it either.
  6. My 550 already has the the fill extender on it, so does my friends Warrior 700.
  7. Great Joe. Sad you had to do all that to get a new machine running. I hope mine lasts awhile....
  8. Hi strike 250 i sent you my email. Many thanks
  9. Thanks. Is there a way to message you directly?
  10. Cormeister. How did you hook up the led light bar?
  11. A friend burned up his Massimo 700 wet clutch, got a clutch kit from Motorcycle Dr. he was tol, instead of two quarts of oil, put in almost 4. It’s back together and runs quieter he said with over 3 1/2 quarts. I think Craig (motorcycle DR) knows these machines really well, but I’m not hearing the extra oil from anyone else. Seems like there should be some confirmation about it. I’d like to know more, as I have the 550. Owners manual calls for a little less than 2 quarts. . The manual also says 10-40 SL. Nothing about wet clutch safe oil. I hope someone has more information about this,

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