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  1. I was deeply disappointed in the prices for exhaust parts. Rural King is selling a similar 550, maybe they can help?
  2. Will this parts link for the Coleman ( made by Hisun) 550 help? http://3546502.shop.netsuite.com/s.nl/c.3546502/n.1/sc.27/category.137049/it.C/.f
  3. That’s great news Hisunsadman. What is a wot kill reset, and how is it done? Thank you
  4. Thanks Jerry. I thought the Coleman 550, was made by HiSun, and the TS 301 would work?
  5. Ridge Runner

    Ridge Runner

  6. Thanks Travis. I’ll have to measure it. I bet it’s in millimeters being made in China. Thanks again
  7. Please let me know where the fuel filter is. I have the Coleman 550 Outfitter version of the Hisun. Manuals say filter must be changed. No location specified in the manual. I traced the fuel line from tank to injector, can’t find it. I called Coleman, they told me some never got them. Guess, I need to cut line and put a universal riding lawn mower filter in the line? Thanks
  8. Fortunately so is mine. I don’t run it hard, or in deep mud, but I do use it. So far I’m happy.
  9. Did you watch the video I attached? It’s a white connector with a white protective cap. Maybe yours Is different than the one in the video.
  10. I believe the Coleman is very similar in regards to the connection port and scanner. I could be wrong. I hope this helps.

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