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  2. Put a "FARM USE" tag on mine. That covers it all and no taxes.
  3. T-Boss 410 side by side supper loud backup beeper alarm is located on the passenger side behind the battery. Just unplug it and maybe use that circuit for back up lights. Best access in through the snifter panel on the dash. Remove the shift knob and the three screws on the panel. Reach in there and unplug the beeper.
  4. Here is the dirt on the Massimo T boss 410 UTV side by side differential. It doesn't have one in either the front or rear. It’s simply a ring and pinon gear set. Therefor it can not be unlocked. It’s always, permanently locked! I asked Massimo if there is a locking differential option for this model, NO. Is there an after market locking differential available for the 410 side by side? So far google has not found one.

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