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2019 T-Boss 410x backup beeper alarm HELP

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1. Find out exactly where the noise comes from. Then disable that, by pulling a wire. Or maybe it's easier to pull the wire at the transmission. I wouldn't cut the wire, unless I knew for certain that it wouldn't cause other electrical problems. Or...

2. And this is what I use. We have all sorts of equipment at work. They all beep. But due to safety concerns, we're not allowed to completely disable the back up alarms. So the first thing I do to them. Is to apply a strip of 2 inch tape across the face of the beeper. Any kind of tape will work. It will quieten them down considerably. A little beeping isn't hard to get used to, and it's not a bad idea. Sometimes they need 2 strips. You can keep going till you can't hear them at all. I would recommend that you leave a hint of beeping though.

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T-Boss 410 side by side supper loud backup beeper alarm is located on the passenger side behind the battery. Just unplug it and maybe use that circuit for back up lights. Best access in through the snifter panel on the dash. Remove the shift knob and the three screws on the panel.  Reach in there and unplug the beeper.

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On 4/12/2021 at 6:50 PM, GarrettN225 said:

I just purchased aMassimo  TBoss 550. The reverse beeper is driving me crazy. Does anyone know where it is located?

Same here, going to take a look tonight to see if I can locate.  

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