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  2. No, mine was a separate unit mounted near the horn. Personally I put the unit in reverse and tracked out the source.
  3. @Mackc How jerky is it starting off? My 2020 was smooth brand new and within 50 miles developed a jerk when starting out but only really noticeable when the unit is on a cold start. After a few minutes the transmission smooths out. I haven’t pulled the belt to verify wear but as it’s primarily an issue when cold I’ve assumed that’s probably normal. My parking brake is the same as yours. Up is released and down is set. As long as it is completely setting(holding the machine) when halfway down and completely released when up it sounds to be adjusted properly.
  4. I’m not sure if it’s the same as on my 2020 Buck 400. Mine was under the hood near the horn... I just disconnected the harness from the beeper as it was driving me crazy.

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