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Found 12 results

  1. I've looked long and hard and can't find an oil filter. Wondering if there is one. Any help would be much appreciated. Also, live in Canada - we have no Massimo service centers or dealers, only HiSun. Are HiSun and Massimo related?
  2. 35 downloads

    Here is a copy of the factory Massimo buck 400 service manual
  3. View File Massimo Buck 400 Service Manual Here is a copy of the factory Massimo buck 400 service manual Submitter strike250 Submitted 01/03/2021 Category Massimo  
  4. I purchased this Buck 400 last year and having a few issues. Maybe some members have had these and fixed them. Here are my current issues with the B400. 1. Starting has become a challenge. Not the actual starting of the engine but to keep it running. When I turn the key, it starts up but as soon as I let go of the key and it turns back, the 400 dies. I have learned if I hold the key for a few seconds it will remain running. Not a clue as to what would cause this or how to fix it? 2. This thing is very hard to get in gear now. It grinds a lot before it goes in gear. Maybe the clu
  5. Hello, I'm back from Kawasaki 2004 3110 Mule land and now am struggling thru the Massimo Buck 400 swamp. I bought a 2019 Buck 400 with 200 hours on it and am going thru the owner's manual. I have noticed a couple of things needing addressed after driving it home. I t is rough starting off, like maybe the drive clutches and or belt are not exactly right. also the parking brake is a question mark. The manual shows (seems to me) that pulling the handle down should disengage the parking brake, not this one, pulling up disengages the parking brake, also the handle is really hard to move while
  6. I have a new Buck 400 with about 60 miles on it. It runs great but can only get it up to 23mph. Is this normal? If not what speed are others gettting.
  7. I have a Massimo 400 Buck that won't start. When I turn the key, I get nothing, no lights, the meter doesn't light up, etc... I replaced the ECU and everything lit up, it cranked perfect, ran for a couple of minutes and shut down again. I have tried calling Massimo, they are pathetic, have been waiting a week for a return call. Any idea where to look?
  8. My Massimo 400 Buck jerks and surges in reverse when cold. Help! Only 60 miles on it.
  9. I just bought a new buck 400x golf and just signed up to this forum. Lots of good info and glad to be here. I took off seat to see the engine and noticed a black circular pipe just sitting exposed leading to the engine bay. As well as a rectangular pipe coming off crank case and possibly even an electrical harness or two with nothing obvious to plug them into? Does anyone have the buck 400x golf and take a picture or look in their engine bay and let me know if this is normal or if there is something missing on my cart. I reached out to massimo and let them know that it was unus
  10. My new Buck 400 EFI has to rev over 4,000 RPM before it moves and seems to be slipping when placed under a load. Is this normal?
  11. Hi, I just purchased a used 2019 Massimo 400x Buck/golf version and wanted to know if anyone knows where to get an extended roof?
  12. Can you send me the service manual for a Massimo Buck 400? Thanks.

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