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  2. Yes, I filled with a funnel - bit of a pain. There's no filter but there is a screen on a spring that needs to be cleaned. I also found it difficult to find the recommended oil. I plan to follow frequent oil changes as recommended by others.
  3. Must be Canadian rpms versus US - You guys south of the border are a bit more laid back - probably affects the engine of your UTVs
  4. Yup, according to the Tach. Red line is 10,000.
  5. Update after oil change (crazy that there is no oil filter). Yesterday in low with my wife (I'm 235 lb and she's 130 lb) - 27 mph at 8000 rpm (started to hesitate consistently at this speed and rpm); 45 mph in high around 5500 - 6000 rpm.
  6. Hey............I too have about 50 miles or so but have had the Buck for about 10 months.....just did my first oil change today. I get 27 to 30 mph in low and 40 mph or so in high. I've only tried high a couple of times (bc of breakin period) so I suspect it will go faster.
  7. Hi again. I don't know much about how combustion engines work but I doubt that the Massimo engine is gravity lubed. So, I just finished the oil change and in place of a traditional oil filter there is a "oil strainer" on a spring that connects to the drain plug. There's an oil pump so that doesn't sound like a gravity system to me. This is the advertised description of the engine "NEW 391cc HO [High Output] Four-Stroke, liquid cooled engine actually generates more HP then our legendary MSU 500! The HO single cylinder power plant utilizes “advanced bypass oil filter technology.” With this
  8. Thanks - I was actually referring to finding the filter on the vehicle. I've since found out that this model does not have an oil filter. Thanks anyway - good advice for the future.
  9. I've looked long and hard and can't find an oil filter. Wondering if there is one. Any help would be much appreciated. Also, live in Canada - we have no Massimo service centers or dealers, only HiSun. Are HiSun and Massimo related?

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